Tuesday, January 10, 2012


i think i look rather pissed off in the picture below, don't mind me.

10.30pm, and i'm sitting here in my running gear because i'm waking up early to go 8km at it tomorrow morning. when i know i have a run the next morning, i always sleep in my running attire so i can head right out the door upon waking up.

in case you're wondering what's that i'm holding, it's a bowl of oats. oats are a runner's (well, this runner anyway) best friend because they're a good source of complex carbs, which release energy slowly. it's also a plus that i LOVE oats, so i eat them twice a day.

it's raining now, so my run tomorrow morning should be lovely. fingers crossed for it to be misty and chilly, the air still infused with the smell of rain.


with us being just a few days into 2012, here are my new year's resolutions, health / fitness / nutrition-wise! they may be a tad late because i was busy posting about penang before, but better late than never.

- eat clean
- train mean
- get enough sleep
- lose more fats, gain lean muscle

- take good good care of myself and my body
- proper nutrition
- follow a proper training regime
- rest enough! (it was overtraining + not enough recovery time between runs that brought on the problems with my knees in august)

Races for 2012 that i want to WILL join
Jog for Hope (10km)
Standard Chartered KL Marathon (10km)
Adidas King of the Road (16.8km)
Nike Run KL (10km)
Penang Bridge International Marathon (21km)

here's to getting fitter, faster, stronger, and better in 2012!

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