Friday, January 27, 2012


hi guys!

i've been away for a while ; was in penang / ipoh for chinese new year. this year, CNY had me quivering like a leaf in the wind.

mention penang, automatically char koey teow, penang laksa, curry mee and other frightening dishes come to mind. ipoh too, is associated with tambun biscuits, chicken rice, chee cheong fun, and so on. that, coupled with well meaning relatives who gave their best attempts at stuffing me to the gills every single day that i was with them, spelt out potential doom for my healthy lifestyle.

yes, it would be a challenge. but hey, that's life, isn't it? you can't expect not to encounter bumps in the road. if you only attempt to get things done when conditions are peachy, don't expect to go far. so, i squared my jaw and got ready to take on the challenge. 

i wasn't going down without a fight. for my trip, i packed my workout clothes / shoes, and exercised almost every day that i was away.

the chalets that we stayed in had a gym, but it was only available from 9am onwards. if you know me, i like my runs much earlier than that. so with the help of my smartphone and a very handy running app, i was able to venture out on my own without fear.

btw, the app i use is called endomondo, if anyone wants to know. besides tracking the distance you've covered, calories burnt, and time taken, it shows you your location using GPS so you don't have to worry about getting lost.


dad also took us to the beach a few times, so i was able to run there. 
running along the coast was really awesome!! 

the first beach that we went to, was just along the butterworth-kulim highway. so it was really nice in the sense that the track was smooth and even, with soft grass to run on.

soft trail ftw! it's always better to run on trails rather than road / concrete / other hard surfaces as softer trails are easier on the knees - something i have to be more careful about since my experience in the past.

all flushed and sweaty from running. :)

we also went to robina park. the beach there only consists of huge rocks, so running there was a nay. instead we walked on the narrow track. but hey, any exercise is better than no exercise at all.

this was a candid shot ; i'd noticed a large pipe extending farther out to the sea, so i walked out on it. on the pipe there were many barnacles and shells stuck to the surface. at the time of the above photo, i was bending down to look at the tiny creatures which were scuttling around, and my bro snapped without me knowing.

looking out to penang island (i was in butterworth.)

yes, i did let loose a little in penang and ipoh. after all, i only see most of my relatives there once a year, during chinese new year. and besides, what's CNY for if you can't enjoy the food and fellowship around the dinner table, right? 

however i still made sure to be mindful of my intake, and get my exercise. 

when i came back, i hopped on the scale and...

i'd lost half a kg.

however, i'm not gonna revel in the moment - this only motivates me to work even harder and melt off the remaining fat!

so, you see guys? festive occasions doesn't automatically equal piling on the pounds. 

you CAN make a difference, you just have to work hard! :)

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