Thursday, January 5, 2012


another one of the places i visited when i was up north was Penang Hill. 

i asked around if anyone else would be interested in joining us (zack and i) and there were a couple of people who were agreeable to it. however on the morning itself, no one else showed up and so again, it was just the two of us.

we arrived at the foothills around 7.30am but the train was only due to leave at 8am, so we just hung around a bit and i took a few pictures.

 standing against the backdrop of a tunnel.

although most guys (zac included) are killjoys when it comes to taking pictures, they can still come in handy when you're trying to get a full shot of yourself and your surroundings. :)

this is how the train used to look like, many many years ago.

and this is how it looks like now, all modern and sleek.

was trying to get a picture with both of us in ; 

here's one when we were on the train, cropped myself out cos i look ughh.
but i still had to post this, cos i think zack looks like he's in a colgate commercial.

on our way up!

finally there ; views overlooking the island from the the top of penang hill.


when we reached the top of the hill there were only a few people about so it was really nice. if you want to go to penang hill, i recommend you go early because in the late morning, it gets really crowded. 

binoculars provided for visitors to have a clearer view. 
we thought it looked a bit like wall-e.

 it does, doesn't it?

the thing about the binoculars, was that it costs rm2 to use it for about 5-10mins. neither of us were felt like paying, especially when we already had such good views. 

however i still wanted to take a picture of me (pretending to) look into the lens, because that seemed the proper touristy thing to do.

indian temple.


me looking at a map of penang hill.

om nom nom nom - pretending to take a bite out of one funny-looking tree. 

know why?

because it looks like curly fries! 


there are lots of things to see and do at the top, so we did quite a bit of walking around.

a sculpture of a pearl - fittingly so, as penang after all is known as pearl of the orient.


we then proceeded to walk to the monkeycup / flower gardens, which were quite a distance away and took us a substantial amount of time.

because i took so many pictures, i shall continue blogging about penang hill in the next post. until then, i shall hereby end with a picture of a snoozing dog.

Monday, January 2, 2012


so, one week after returning from bible camp, i went to penang AGAIN. this time it was to spend time with friends and see penang properly. 

in the bus, on the journey there.


sights along the way 

limestone hills

lush green slopes

and i reached penang just as the sun was setting. 

zack picked me up from the bus station, then we went for dinner with adrian and choon guan. headed to queensbay cos the guys wanted chatime for dessert. after that, it was with zack back to his place to crash for the night. 


the next morning, we went to the penang botanical gardens. a couple other people were supposed to come but they pulled a disappearing act on us, so it was just zack and i.

pictures from the botanical gardens 

lily pond.

me standing on a bridge. 

rushing waters right below my feet.

a flower in a cheerful sunshiny colour.

part of the gardens.

sun shining through the trees

insects busily collecting nectar from a flower.

cannonball tree - aptly named due to the resemblance of its fruits to cannonballs.

a plaque on one of the bridges

one of the two hiking trails we went on. this was the more challenging one. steps upon endless steps, phew! every time we thought we were reaching the top, we'd come to a turn which would only reveal more steps. but we couldn't bear throw in the towel and turn back, so we soldiered on.

saw this flag proudly hanging from one of the trees on our way up.

almost at the top!

we finally reached, but too bad there was too much foliage to get a clear view.

we saw monkeycups as well.

a plaster i spotted on the trail. :)

finished our running / hiking, then walked around the entrance of the gardens a bit more before leaving.

more lilypads! this time, they were bigger ones.



the lotus flowers are so pretty!