Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 continuing where i left off from the  previous post about the pulau ketam trip.

after our brekkie, we continued walking on.

pretty flower

taken in my canon ixus's colour accent mode

brother blowing bubbles

one of the temples that we saw. pulau ketam consists of a dominantly buddhist / taoist population, so there were many many temples there.

so much rubbish! i tell you, it shouldn't be called 'crab island', but instead, 'CRAP island' because, the whole island is literally full of crap!

they don't have any dustbins on the island because guess what, they just treat the whole island as a huge dumpsite. we went to a restaurant to eat and when we were done, the lady just took our plates and flung the leftovers out the window!

crossing a bridge.

group photo :)

view from the bridge. looks idyllic and serene yes? but don't be fooled.

the water's so oily and dirty, the fish are floating belly up. 

crabs and mudskippers.

shall continue this post, need to head to bed now! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011


yesterday, i caught a movie at subang parade's newly opened MBO cinema.

when i first knew that there was gonna be a cinema opening in parade, i was pretty excited! however, all those expectations fell short as i was rather disappointed. 

the first thing i have to mention, are the prices. isn't MBO supposed to be like, some small scale cinema? and subsequently, shouldn't their prices be cheaper? apparently not, as i forked out rm12 for my ticket, almost double the price of a ticket at GSC.

the next complaint i have, is when i walked into the cinema, i noticed it was FREEZING COLD. like seriously, it was so cold that my friends and i had turned into icicles at the end of the movie. there were even goosebumps on my legs, and y'all know how uncommon it is to get goosebumps there.

anyway, on with the review. 


the movie that we watched was abduction 

"the fight for the truth will be the fight of his life"

"what if your whole life was a lie?"

the taglines, which attempt to be serious, comes off instead as majorly cliched, considering how flimsy and perforated with holes the plot is. also, other movies in the past have used similar taglines. 

pfft, can you say UNORIGINAL?

taylor lautner stars as nathan harper, an regular teenage boy, albeit one dealing with anger management issues.

he discovers that he is adopted, and his real father is a special agent who stole some classified information from one of the biggest bad guys around. 

now, the baddies want the information back, and in order to wrangle it out of the hands of the CIA, they plan to capture nathan and use him as their bargaining chip to get what they want. and so the cat and mouse game that the storyline of this movie is based on begins - with nathan on the run, taking along the very attractive Karen (lily collins) because she claims "my parents are not home, who's gonna protect me?"

throughout the movie, we just see nathan and karen running, running, and running. 

some redeeming points in the movie were of course, the eye candy. 

looking spiffy riding on his bike in shades and a leather jacket.

displaying his infamously ripped body.

so while everyone already knows that taylor lautner is a hottie, lily collins is not too shabby either, with huge melting brown eyes, long gorgeous cascading curls, and a figure to die for.

so adorable.

however in my opinion, her role is of no substance apart from providing the guys in the audience some eye candy so that they don't get bored. true enough, every time her face came on screen, instead of slouching in their seats, they would suddenly zap to life and pay more attention.

another plus in this movie would be the fight scenes. they are hard and fast, with major rushes of testosterone and adrenaline. 

taylor can certainly throw some punches around!

my rating on this?


this movie was already pathetically unappealing, and without taylor lautner and lily collins, it would have been even more so.

if your sole purpose of watching a movie is to merely ogle at two beautiful human specimens, then way to go. however, if you desire to engage in something that actually engages the mind by being interesting and has a good plot, i suggest you stay away, far FAR away.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


at long last, i've finally gotten round to blogging about pulau ketam. 

the trip was organized by one of my church members, roy, who was born and bred there. the day started off with us meeting in church, then driving to port klang, where we took the 9am ferry to our destination. 

crystal squinting cos of the sun.
i'm so glad she came along, i had someone to talk to the whole trip. :)

walking along the bridge to the jetty. 

boarding the ferry.

sis and i.
stupid pimple on my cheek.

mum and bro.

once we got there, roy had everything planned out for us, which included getting a tour guide to take us around. 

our guide was from the local high school. so, this is how they earn pocket money during the holidays.
their school shirt is so cute with the crab on the back!

hence, we began our trek on foot through the island.

town hall and a basketball court.

saw this mean cat which hissed and spat at me.

at 10.30am, it was decided that it was breakfast time!

nom nom nom

mum and dad

there were two options that were offered to us. 
first, the curry mee.

curry mee with see ham, tofu, fishcakes, eggs, taugeh, foo chuk, and erm.. i don't know what else. plus prawn sambal on the side.

second option was rice, which was what i had.

rice with char siew, curry chicken and potatoes, see ham, eggs, ikan bilis, and some shrimp. good stuff.

there was more shrimp as a side dish to complement our meal. :D 
yum in the tum!

found this tiny crab of microscopic proportions in my food. 

there it is next to some grains of rice. so miniscule!

on pulau ketam, the main mode of transportation is bicycles. everywhere we walked that day, there would be the constant ringing of bells, then we would have to hop it in order for them to pass.

a dad ferrying two of his kids on a bike, how adorable. :)

alright, i shall stop here. will continue blogging about the trip in subsequent posts as there are too many pictures. 

as for now, it is time for me to get some shuteye.

nights, people!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


they say that when someone leaves for greener pastures, we should be happy for them and wish them well. however i can't help but to feel an odd poignance, this quiet sadness washing over me like a river, enveloping me, drowning out the laughter and smiles that usually are a commonplace in my daily life, at least for the time being.

you, you, and you. leaving to new frontiers, faraway lands, like lanterns disappearing over the horizon of a pensive sky. numerous faces, people i have grown with in the past years, all being blotted out one by one, snuffed out like candles. faces so familiar, which will probably be different when they finally reappear.

you know what makes this, all the more difficult to take? wanting to spread my wings as well, but not being able to.

and i just feel so, so sad.

"Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly.
Birds fly over the rainbow.
Why then, oh why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?"


Friday, September 16, 2011


as a follow up to my previous post, i wanted to come up with a longass, picture filled post about my trip. however i've been crazy busy lately. which is good and bad, i guess. good in the sense that i have seriously, a MOUNTAIN of bloggable material, with pictures piled up and stories to share. the bad? not having the time to do so.

well but i suppose that you guys will be entertained for at least a month with all the posts i'd be able to come up with. when i find the time to blog properly, i will!


so i shall talk about my week. i'm in a very chatty mood now you see, having been away for so long.

monday - woke up at 6.30am to go running, then college from 10-6pm.

tuesday - classmates took me to pyramid to celebrate my birthday, came home, went running, then tackled assignments.

wednesday - my birthday! unfortunately it rained the whole damn day, plus my family was busy, so we didn't celebrate it. plus i stayed up burning the midnight oil to finish two assignments which were due the next day.

thursday - college, then at night had birthday dinner with my family. :)

friday - went running in the early morning, then primped up to go grand dorsett hotel for cousin's graduation from trinity. both our families went for lunch after that, and so happened blook was having a clearance sale! the sale was SERIOUS yo, dresses, tops, bottoms for as low as rm5! i bought a really nice bag, and wanted to shift through the clothes a bit more (i saw a really gorgeous dress for rm25!) but there wasn't any time to try anything on, so i didn't wanna risk it. :( then at night we had a steamboat dinner with my church members.

saturday (today) - i wanted to get cracking with assignments - two are due in 5 days time. but retail therapy first, i'm heading out to go shopping! (i shall check if that dress is still there, however i doubt so) 

i miss blogging, hopefully things will settle down soon and allow me to return!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


signboard for a bed & breakfast, tanlines.



Friday, September 9, 2011


Thursday, September 8, 2011


if there's only one person you dislike, you must be a really nice person. if you dislike 5 people, i say you must be a really patient person. if you dislike 20 people, that would still be nothing out of the norm.

however, when there's a situation in which you have a problem with everyone around you, and you just think that everyone's a big fat retard, then maybe it's time to take a good look at YOURSELF, because there's a big probability that YOU'RE the one with issues.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


men's 4x100m event at the IAAF daegu, korea. the jamaicans finished as champions with usain bolt as the anchor, and set a new world record. astounding how bolt just blasted away from the pack and crossed the finish line by such a large margin.

it's already been about a week since the event, but i keep on replaying it on youtube and going "wahhh!" every single time i watch it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


went on a trip to batu caves with the koreans when i was still working in kingsley. a funny error of communication occurred when the person in charge told me that we were meeting at carrefour, so i went to carrefour at ss16.

however, at the said time there was nobody to be seen. he called me and said "where are you? we're all here already!" and i was "yeah i'm waiting, where are you guys?"

it turned out that he was referring to carrefour within usj19 mall.

anyway, they had to pass by ss16 to get to the federal highway so it was ok. took us about half an hour, and we were there!

batu caves!

some of the younger korean boys.

jimmy (ji won), whom i think is the cutest one among them. he was in my class!

peacock feather.

then, we started our ascent. somebody brought along bags of peanuts to feed the many monkeys that ply the stairs up to the top.

monkey eating the peanuts. 

a big alpha male monkey

as we started our climb up, the kids kept throwing peanuts to the monkeys. this however, proved to be a bad idea as other monkeys came around to grab some as well. soon, we had a whole group of monkeys following us, and even tried to snatch things from our group. they got pretty aggressive, which was scary!

as a result, everyone freaked out, dumped all the nuts on the ground, and practically ran up the 300 steps of stairs!

scurrying up the steps to get away from the monkeys at the bottom which were screaming and fighting over the nuts.

after a while, we reached the top!

doesn't that view just make you go wow?

in case you're wondering why so many of the koreans are wearing tshirts with "yoon's" printed on it, it's cause this exchange programme was organized with the help of yoon's english center in korea.

we wandered around the caves at the top for a while, there were a couple of hindu temples up there.

a waterspout.

the woman carrying a handbag in the above picture is a mum to one of the kids, she climbed all the way up the stairs in her heels!

the korean mums are super fashionable and take very good care of their looks! sometimes in the mornings they send their kids to off school, and (at 7am) i'd be still all groggy, half asleep and bleary eyed. but they would be already meticulously dolled up, hair, makeup, shoes, clothes, the works. and i'd be like (in my head) "do they  wake up at 5am to get ready?"

oil lamps. 

burning ashes.

so interesting!

footprints that were left by an animal which must've stepped in the cement when it was still wet.

after looking around, it was time to go.

view from the top.

300 steps later, we were at the bottom.



we went to pyramid after that for lunch and to shop around. i played guide to some of the korean girls, they were super enthusiastic to shop and we were running around from store to store like mad women so i didn't really take many pictures.

except this one with sally, a girl from year 3.

after pyramid, we headed to the director's house for dinner!

his house. isn't it nice?

me with some of the older students. not koreans, they're local, about 15-16 years old.

my kids in year 3 and 4 call me 'teacher', which doesn't seem that weird cos they're so young. but it felt really funny when the 16 year olds called me teacher as well. i was like "guys i'm only like 2 years older yknow"

just what everyone needed, being famished after such a long day.

a group picture to end the day :)