Monday, August 29, 2011


first day of raya hols, and i had immaculately planned out my day.

0600 - wake up and run
0800 - come home and shower
0900 - sleep
1300 - have lunch, head out to go shopping
1900 - come home, dinner, tv, read, go online, etc etc.

however, in the morning it was just so cold from the rain yesterday, and my bed was so cosy and warm that when the alarm rang i just turned it off and snuggled up a little tighter under the sheets. 

right now i'm feeling rather disgruntled that i didn't stick to my plan and missed getting in my dose of exercise. therefore, i've cancelled all plans for the day so that i'll be able to go running at 5pm later.

in the meantime, i'm stuck at home with nowhere to go, and i thought i'd share some pictures from when i was still working at kingsley international.

so, here you go.

the school building.

the students of year 4 class, where i was the teacher's assistant.
however, i was transferred to the year 3 class after one week. which was a pity because i really liked the year 4s.

 this was taken on my last day. :')

me with ezwan and shahil.

jia yao. 
this little guy has such a cheeky face, don't you agree? and i think he's the best looking guy in the class. the girls always tease and disturb him, and he just smiles and teases them back. so cute!

i told him "jia yao, when girls tease you, it means they like you!" 

ted, one of the koreans in the class. his real name's jae won, but they gave all the korean exchange students english names so that their names would be easier to remember.

i learned a couple of korean words from them

teji - pig 
(they were calling one of their classmates this so i asked them what it meant. they didn't know how to translate 'pig' from korean to english, so one of them made a pig nose and said "oink, oink!" to make me understand :D)

shibaye - no idea what this is, but i think it's a bad word because they always use this when they argue with their classmates.

anja - sit down
(i went and googled this word on google translate because they didn't understand when i told them to sit down in english)

jebai - please

kamza hamida - thank you

shoroyo / shiroyo - nice / not nice

chigu - friend

beyane - sorry
(i figured out the meaning of this when one of the korean boys spilt water all over the floor, and when i was wiping it up he kept on repeating "beyane, beyane!")

drawn by ted.

the boys playing i dunno what.

shahil and ivan.

oemgee would you look at ivan's chubbeh cheeks?


amelia and judith. so young and already so pretty!

the students of kingsley from year 3 up to year 9 during extra curricular activities.

me with jet and dylan.

the boys photobombing me and the girls.

celebrating shevonne's birthday.

angry birds cake.

girls of year 3 and year 4.

year 3 gave me this on my second last day of work. i was really touched, even more so as i had just scolded the whole class for being naughty a couple of hours prior to this. 

there will be further posts on my experience working at kingsley international, so stay tuned for more! :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Thursday, August 25, 2011


i was gonna blog about community day @ kingsley international school but my camera died halfway so i had to resort to using my shitty camera phone and now i'm having problems transferring the pics to the comp with the cable argh.

so i shall not blog about it til i get all the pictures in order.

however, fret not! because i shall still blog, about my trip to a waterfall last sunday!

my dad is involved with Orang Asli missions work, and today some of the OA people were baptised. the service took part at a waterfall in bidor, perak.


i woke up at 6.30am as we had to reach the place at 9ish, and was greeted by this blaze of colour across the magnificent sky.

would you just look at the amount of beauty right there?

why, good day to you too, gorgeous. ;)

had breakfast of coffee, oatmeal, and a banana, in the car because my dad was getting fussed about arriving late since he's sorta in charge of this whole programme.

the sun, obscured by a veil of the early morning mist.

after a couple of hours, we were there!

this picture was taken when we were still some distance away. we had to go further in to conduct the service.

me standing on the bridge leading us in.

white water rushing over the rocks.

once our whole procession had made it in, it was time to begin.

one of the OA ladies being baptized.

the audience, which consisted of some of my church members and other OA villagers.

the baptism service only lasted a few minutes, after which everyone happily took the opportunity to splash about in the water.

my brother.

do we look alike? i think not!

i like how the sunlight falls upon scene in this picture.

their slippers discarded, young boys play boisterously in the water.

a deep pool which was particularly calm amidst the flurry of activity and noise.

the people having a good time.

me? i didn't want to get wet and muddy, so there i was just sitting on a rock in the shade enjoying myself.

the place at which i was sitting had a great vantage point for taking pictures.

the waterfall.

look at that tiny object above the trees!
it's a bird! it's a plane! it's... i have no idea.

uncle ngai came to join me, armed with his high end DSLR complete with fancy trappings.

a blurry pic of me, but i like it because i think it has an artsy feel to it. in my opinion, the odd juxtapositioning of harsh contrast, the uneven lighting, and the distorted focus, makes it extraordinarily flawed, but uniquely appealing.

half an hour later, it was time to go to the OA leader's house. i was glad that we didn't stay too long as that would have been boring. 

i trailed at the back of the group, following them back the way we came.

then, guess what?

a butterfly landed on my hand!

but..silly me, i realize now that i should have taken the picture above against a contrasting background. the butterfly practically blends into the background and you can hardly see it. :/

gratuitous pictures with the butterfly are a must. hence, the next few pictures.

it actually flew off my hand a few times, but returned time and time again, which is why the butterfly appears in different angles and positions.

it also migrated to my elbow.

alright, then we proceeded to the OA leader's house, where there were these giant jackfruits hanging on the tree just outside his house.

pictures don't do justice. seriously, i tell you, there were some jackfruits which were bigger than an average sized 9 year old kid! i am NOT exaggerating.

after that, it was time to depart back to kl.

made our regular stop at Pun Chun coffee shop in Bidor to fill up on noms before the drive home.

their huge array of biscuits, coffee, and sweetmeats, which they are famous for.

their famed woo kok! 

my parents ate wantan mee and duck noodles, which i would say is so-so, the standard having dropped over the years. however, there is one thing in particular i have to mention.

i would like to caution my readers to not ever eat the at the chap fan (mixed rice) stall there! first off, the lady is some surly bitch who talks to her customers as if they are half-witted idiots. secondly, you don't get to pick which parts of your own dishes you want, you're just supposed to point it out to her and she dumps it on your plate. 

i wanted to eat cauliflower, but it was cooked with capsicum and carrots, which i don't like. and of course she would heap on those two things. then i chose another dish as well, which contained amounts of other ingredients that i wasn't too keen on. ordinarily, i would have picked them out, but with this, i was forced to just endure it. 

like seriously, it's MY money and i'm supposed to be paying her for what I want to eat. what's more, i only chose 2 dishes (both vegies) without rice, and was charged Rm6. 

for just 2 vegies, which were in only moderately small portions!

*vomits blood*

i call upon all patrons of kedai pun chun in bidor to boycott the chap fan stall!