Tuesday, May 31, 2011


some time ago, i was sitting there in college mulling about where to go for lunch. this person came to me (let's call her J) and asked me what was i doing, and i answered "thinking about where to go for lunch." 

she enthusiastically replied that she was just stepping out for lunch as well, so we could go together! she suggested subway, and i wasn't too keen about it because i don't actually think that subway is all that great, and (as those of you who know me well would know), i don't eat bread. however, she was awfully pushy about it, eagerly persuading me to come along with her. 

i STILL didn't wanna go, but i couldn't think of a solid excuse not to, so i lamely said "erm..subway ahh..well actually it's kinda expensive isn't it, and i don't actually have much money at the moment."

she brushed aside my objections at once, saying "well then don't worry about it, i'll treat you!"

at loss for words with no further excuses, i had no choice but to concur with J, get up and follow her.

we stepped into subway, chose our subs, and got in line. she was being extremely chatty for someone who didn't actually know me THAT well. as we approached the counter, she took out her purse to pay.

out of courtesy i said mildly "you know what, i feel really bad letting you pay, maybe i should pay my part."

immediately, she jumped on it and said "yeah, ok, that would be great!"

as a result, i ended up paying for my own sandwich with a black face and a dark scowl.


i just want to say, to J and people the likes of her, SCREW OFF.

don't even freaking offer to pay, if you have no intention of following through on your word. the issue here is not that i had to pay for myself, but her utter shallowness and insincerity. if you were really earnest in your intention to do so, you would have.

i know some of you might be thinking "what on earth is this girl talking about? she offered to pay her part, didn't she? so why is she so annoyed now?"

well allow me to enlighten you dorks that it is chinese culture to do so out of courtesy, and doing otherwise would be deemed impolite. ever see the way chinese businessmen argue over who should pay when the bill comes? that's exactly my point. not that everyone of them is SO eager to pay, but it's just courtesy. i mean, you wouldn't just sit back and pick your teeth, allowing someone else to pick up your tab, right? you would at least offer to pay back, even if the person had said that they were going to treat you, right?

grrrahh. so annoyed.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


was just wandering through youtube, when i came across this.

i honestly don't know what on earth to think. a lady who is 500lbs, is not happy with her size. the reason why though, is probably the complete opposite of what you're guessing.

it's because she's unhappy that she isn't fatter, and would like to be 1000lbs.

they also interview her fiancee, who encourages her, because he loves seeing her eat and get fatter.

fascinating, in a morbid way.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


it's now 12.58a.m.

i wanted to go running in the evening, but my mum suddenly told me that we were going out for dinner, and it didn't happen. so i was toying around with the idea of getting up at 5a.m. to go run, then come back and get ready for college, which starts at 8a.m til 12p.m.

ok i think that sounds a little too extreme. i think i'll just go running tomorrow evening.

grrr it annoys me when i'm all ready and geared up to go play basketball / run / work out / etc and something comes up and prevents me from going. *frowns*

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


the holidays are over, and college has resumed. so for the next two months, this is gonna be me in class pretending like i give a shit.


my lecturer will tell me to stop talking even though it wasn't me, and i will be like 

and because i wasn't the only only one talking, i will be like 



don't get me wrong, i actually quite like college. it's just that i like the holidays better!

Monday, May 23, 2011


no, the title of this post has nothing to do with a song of the same name covered in one of the more recent episodes of glee.

dear weather, what's with you?

your mood fluctuates faster than a teenage girl on her period. one moment you're pouring buckets with gloomy skies, throwing bolts of lightning and roars of thunder down at us. the next, you leave us all drooping under your fierce blistering glare. we are not amused in the least with your whimsical tantrums and rages. stop being such a temperamental emotional bitch and get over yourself.

this reminds me of another song.

you're hot and you're cold, 
you're yes and you're no,
you're in and you're out,
you're up and you're down

you're wrong when it's right, 
you're black when it's white,
we fight we break up,
we kiss we make up


on another note, i'm really sorry for not updating as frequently as i used to. it's just that i'm SO BUSY these days, that when i have any free time at all, i spend it snoozing.

sooo, what have i been up to that's kept me so 'busy'?

*thinks of something engaging to say*

pretty much describes my life over the past couple of weeks. i COULD go on and on about how much i've been running and bla bla bla but seriously, that gets old after a few posts, doesn't it?

ohoho! i know! 
i'll update about dinner some time about with the rbsers, when sheng was around!

goodness gracious, how far back was that? more than a month ago, maybe two months? i can't believe i've left it so long! 

aite, so here we go.

in the car, on the way to the curve 

 sheng and i
must camslut! because who knows when i'll get to see her again?

we tottered around, and went to daiso. wah the daiso at curve is really big i tell you.

huge array of makeup products! i've read tonnes of good reviews about the makeup at daiso, and have bought their stuff a couple of times, but still am apprehensive about it, and doubt the quality of cheap products. 

people say it's all about perception and mindset, but i beg to differ. you see, products from a  big brand like estee lauder, or maybe even a more affordable one like maybelline, obviously costs a lot more compared to xx brand at daiso. logical reasoning says that it's because the more upmarket brands spend more on quality ingredients, testing, constantly improving themselves, and that's why they charge more.

where else xx brand probably is manufactured in remote factories with poor quality control and less commendable conditions (they probably are too skint to cover the costs of ensuring the best quality / hygiene / testing / etcetc. after all, how much profit could you possibly make, when you're selling your products at rm5 / 2dollars?)

well that's what my rationale tells me anyway. just my own opinion, feel free to disagree.

hey look! i see something interesting!

nose shadow!
never heard of such a thing before, i was so amused by it!

i ended up buying a long handled brush to scrub all those hard to reach spots while in the shower. everyone else found this very funny.
well pardon me but i don't get what's so funny about purchasing a brush.

the rest of them (joyi, rachel, alex, ian, esther, alex, lance, yungtyng) came around dinnertime, and we walked around while dithering about where to munch.
eventually we settled for the gardens (bad choice, i'll elaborate more later.)

 happy sheng :)

my teriyaki chicken, which totally sucked.
looks nice, but don't be deceived by what you see.

the portion was TINY, given the price of rm20. dude for that i could've gone to McD's and bought two big macs, which would have filled my tummy a lot better, plus they would have tasted WAAAAY nicer than this.
the sauce was cloyingly thick and sweet, i ended up scraping most of it off the chicken.

and the mashed potatoes (not seen because it's under the chicken) was really bad as well. it tasted well, weird, artificial, and not potato-ey at all. i suspect they probably just use potato powder / flour, or something like that, and mix it with water.

i was NOT HAPPY with my meal. 

garden burger, sheng's meal.
she said it was ok, but nothing to shout about. rm18.

think lance looks happy with his carbonara fettucine (rm20)?
think again.

the only saving grace of this dish is the size of it, which is rather big (probably bigger than the size of my face harhar    -_-)

initially, he dug in with much relish and proclaimed it to be not bad, but after getting halfway through, he said that it was way too rich and bland, and finished it on a bad note.

also, i have to mention the environment. at this particular outlet of the gardens, customers dine alfresco. that, coupled with the use of many spotlights to brighten up the joint, got our whole group all hot and bothered, complaining of the stuffiness and heat, not to mention the poor ventilation. 

there were many frills and fancies, and pretty-pretty english ornaments, with lots of fancy pancy potted plants and mini garden decorative items, but we weren't impressed in the least. i for one, value quality and comfort over surface presentation, and i'm sure many of you are the same. it goes without saying that i don't think i'll ever be coming back.

after our disappointing meal, we adjourned to the chocolate lounge for desserts.

their signature ice cream, which usually costs rm1.50, cost rm1.90 here!
not that much of a difference, i know, but i have to wonder why.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


and so, a new semester resumes in less than 72 hours. i have enjoyed these 3 weeks incredibly, even if most of my days were spent doing nothing but running. some people might be scoffing at this and going "running? oh puhlease, how boring!"

say what you please. it doesn't matter to me.
am i crazy to stay awake throughout the night, not getting even a wink of sleep just so i can go running at 5am?

here's the answer  for you.




here's me getting ready to go running. 

i did 8 laps of running, 2 laps of walking - 10 laps in total, followed by a nice stretching session. i came home, had a long bath, conditioned my hair, and took my sweet time dawdling about waiting for my hair to dry. then, i had a nice long nap.


look at THIS. 
is it normal for a girl?

but whatever. i don't care, i want to be fit and strong. 

speaking of fit and strong, i just had to share.

watch this. watch this. watch this. watch this. did i say to watch this? you get the idea.

strong, sexy, fit, beautiful.

time to get out there, get my blood pumping and legs moving, and kick some ass.

is what i love.

getting out of bed when everyone is still sleeping. having sweat run down my chin, my breath coming in heavy spurts. getting hot and flushed. the stillness, the cool morning mist swirling around. the slivery cloak of dewdrops which enshrouds everything.

the calmness that surrounds me during my cooling down walk, after having the gruelling, relentless, 'thump-thump-thump' of my feet hitting the road. my legs having that pleasant ache, the light, limber feeling a that comes with good stretching session.

Friday, May 20, 2011


finally! a post with multiple pictures, the way my blog used to be. 

so the other day i went out with my bestie

i think my face looks scary in this picture :/

caught a movie, it cost us rm10! sucks man, i swear that from now on, i'll either watch all my movies online or at the most, pay rm6 to watch it at summit. rm10 to watch a movie, suck my nuts TGV! you just lost a customer!

anyway, the movie we watched was Thor 

while i wouldn't say the plot was all that amazing, it was however simple and easy to follow.
but with so many other pleasing elements in the movie, i'm not complaining.

i loved the brilliant graphics in the show - the digital rendition of asgard looked absolutely amazing and realistic!

the gilded throne room in asgard.

one of my favourite things about the show was the magical rainbow bridge, shown here. i couldn't find a detailed picture of it to show you guys so this'll have to do. 

heimdall, one of the many interesting characters in the movie.

the frost giants were cool too.

i'd rate it 8/10
i wouldn't say that the storyline was the best i've ever had, but the graphics more than made up for it!

however, i don't think that i enjoyed the show to its fullest extent. the reason why? because of this!

i'd bought a pack of sister's crispy popiah to eat because i was feeling peckish.

so at the beginning of the movie (which is like the best part of the entire show because that's where you get the oomph from the amaaazing graphics and also because it's where they tell you about the history of earth and the war between asgard and jotunheim) which is when you REALLY need to pay attention, i was too distracted to do so as eating popiah with a pair of chopsticks in the darkness of the cinema takes more effort than i realized.

so throughout the whole show i was feeling kinda 'off' and disgruntled that i didn't get the best part of the entire show boohoo. 

as we were about to head home, guess who i should bump into but a pair of my form5 classmates, jenna and jeanette! they asked me to join the for dinner at usj9 murni's, and after not seeing them for more than a year, how could i possibly say no?

rikhai picked us up from pyramid and we were set.

rikhai, jeanette, jenna. 

jenna and i.
urgh i just realized i look really dark in this picture.

pretty jeanette! 
her hair is to die for :)

huge plate of spaghetti carbonara. rm10 and totally worth the money. as you can see, there are generous pieces of mushrooms, ham, chicken, and sausage, plus it's practically drowning in gravy, and the portion is huge!

from just jenna, jeanette, rikai, and i, more and more started trickling in.

bobby, wenjinn (who's not visible), rikhai, and euchern who finally returned from shanghai.

me, a very fake-surprised hazieq, joehan, sam, bobby.

after so long of not seeing all of them, meeting up again made me feel so happy and nostalgic of my high school years! our 'reunion' definitely made my day, even if i was totally hammered from exhaustion at the end of it. :)

had lunch at chili's empire the next day with my piano teacher. (yes i play piano! betcha didn't know that, huh? you probably thought i'm too uncouth and uncivilized for something so cultured and refined, but nooo, you're wrong!)

eventhough i look crappy here, i felt i owed it to you guys to post this up because erm.. you haven't seen my face for a quite a while now have you? 
so here you go!

teacher jackie :)

my caesar salad and her corn cob, we were just having a quick bite since she had to rush off somewhere after that.

college resumes next monday, blehh. after 4 months of classes, that is all we got - a measly 3 week break. break my ass la, not even enough time to catch my breath and yet here i am, swept up into a whirlwind of a new semester, new timetable, new subjects, new classmates, new everything!

but no sweat yaw, i'll be able to handle it and at the same time be as cool as a cucumber, because i'm awesome like that. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


i was going to update today.

but i stayed up all night yesterday, then went for a run at 5.30am, came back at 7+. took a nap and woke up at 12 to go out with chaichi. we were supposed to go back after our movie ended at 6.30pm, but i bumped into jenna and jeanette, and ended up going out with them for a catchup with our old schoolmates at murni's, which turned into an inpromptu mini reunion. :')

got home at 11+, and now am here, feeling very very very sleepy.

i'll do it tomorrow (or the day after.) right now the only thing that i want is sleep.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


its kinda ironic how before this i was promising myself that after finals, i'd get up and about more, because now that i only have 3 weeks of hols, i don't feel like doing anything but sleeping, eating, running, balling, watching TV, and surfing the net.

woohoo look at how happening my life is, doesn't it just make you wanna jump up and down in excitement??


so i was gonna go running just now, but somehow i was so so tired after church that i came home and immediately dozed off. no biggie though, because when i woke up at 8-ish it was drizzling outside, the rain coming to a subdued end. so even if i had been really gung ho to go and stayed awake, it would have been wasted.

anyway, i've decided to go for a run in 6 hours (the time is now 11.30pm.) i don't think it's gonna be a good idea to sleep tonight because i might not be able to wake up in the morning, plus i've got some stuff to get done, so here's what i plan to do - 

  • clean room. (1 hour)
  • organize clothes and bags. (1 hour)
  • read yesterday's and today's newspapers.  (1 and a half hour)
  • see if there's anything good on TV. i'm hoping there'll be Cake Boss (2 hours? depends on what there is)

i tell you, this show is DA BOMB.

dragon cake! looks so cool, right out of a children's storybook.

wedding cake. so elegant and stylish!

hope that keeps me busy until 5.30am! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011



of someone who on wednesday, had a 2 hour session of basketball, then came back, switched from And1s for the court, to Nikes for the road, and then got cracking.

5 laps jogging, then a 2 laps cool down walk.

i tell you, after weeks of slogging over assignments, of sighing over textbooks and cramming for exams, it felt absolutely exhilarating to be balling and running again, the way i used to before i started this semester.


still high from my previous spike in activity levels, yesterday, i had determined to go for a run the next (today) morning, but wasn't sure if i'd be able to wake up. so i stayed up the whole night painting my nails / reading / watching tv / plucking the little hairs from my knuckles / insert other time wasting activity, then, while everyone was still snoozing at 6a.m., i laced on my trusty Nikes, and hit the road. 7 laps nonstop, followed by a 2 laps cool down. then, i came home, had a nice long shower while singing "It's Raining Men", came out, had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, watched some TV, then went back to sleep and woke up at 6.


i love holidays.

as of now, i shall return to my usual state of vegetating in front of the big square box (TV) and the small square box (laptop) until i decide to hop it and get my lazy ass cranking.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


i just washed my hair yesterday. i usually only wash my hair on alternate days, since its such a drag to have to blowdry it when i'm done. well i CAN choose to leave it to dry by itself, but that would mean ;

a) walking around for like, 2 hours looking like a drowned rat and not to mention
b) the feeling of dampness down my back would be very uncomfortable.

well i got myself into this i guess, when i decided to grow my hair long. plus my hair is also very thick, so it only makes it more tiresome. but no fear, it will all be worth it for sexy lustrous long locks! :D

let us all take a moment to drool over the insane hotness of aishwarya rai, who looked majorly stunning with to-die-for tresses in her loreal commercial.

oh, was i salivating like a rabid dog all over your lap? my apologies. :)

anyway, you might ask, what in pete's sake am i doing talking about hair? who gives a damn, and how is it in the least bit relevant?

so here's my point - it's because the weather is looking exceptionally better today than it has been in the past week, (sweltering, blistering, boiling, heat!) and i think that i should go for a run in the evening.

but that would mean washing my hair AGAIN, when i have just washed it not less than 12 hours ago. oh the hassle.

to go or not to go? yes or no? oui ou non?

oh the torturous indecision. but with the crazy weather nowadays, who knows when i will be able to go for a run again?

hence, it is decided. i shall go for a run later, then come back, and wash my hair again. i will undergo the whole tedious process amicably and pleasantly, because it will all be worth it for those feel good aches that come after a long run.


I am becoming a runner! :)

the awesomely exciting biggest decision of my day.  someone alert CNN.
*yawns and scratches armpits*

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


updating again after what seemed like forever! (well if you call since last week forever)

first, i want to say - curse this weather. this blistering heat, making me go barmy.

second of all, finals are over! heckyeah!
*fist pump, pelvis thrust*

well anyway, moving on.


i thought long and hard. about stuff. i was going to come here and tell you all, the lifeless losers and nitpickers, generally, people who just aren't happy / don't have enough to do with their own lives, and therefore try to bring others down to their level so that they can feel better about themselves - HEY, YOU KNOW WHAT?

i am TIRED, of pathetic people like YOU, getting in my hair about every single thing that i do or say. i have had it, with people endlessly sticking their noses in every place they're not wanted, whining nonstop and complaining about things which are none of their business.

i was going to tell everyone here that i have decided, to move my blog to another address, and only readers who want to see my blog will be given my link. then we will both be happier people. me, not having to deal with all your moans and groans, and you, won't be so freaking unhappy anymore since you won't be able to see my blog which ruins your life so much! double win! (although for the life of me, i cannot imagine why, if viewing my blog makes you so damn unhappy, why don't you just NOT read it? common sense, right? ahh well i suppose you just aren't smart enough to figure that out for yourself. oh how i pity you, you weak minded, empty headed, twit.)

but guess what?

NO. i will not let retards like YOU, make me do anything differently. i will NOT move my beloved blog to another address, when showstopper13.blogspot.com has already garnered a significant number of readers who have been following me for the last 2 years.

i have done nothing wrong. i blog about things which are relevant to me, about things which happen in my daily life, my thoughts, what i am going through. no one, and i repeat, NO ONE, will have any say in the slightest, what goes into my blog. the last time i checked, this blog belonged to ME. are you the one churning out the posts which appears? are you the one who is affected in any way, by this blog? are you the one who spends her time and effort updating here? HELL NO. so i don't see why anyone else should tell me what to say or how to say it.

this is MY BLOG, and i will do whatever the heck i want. and if you don't like it then hey, sucks to be you. :)


Friday, May 6, 2011


it's 1a.m., i just had a few too many pieces of papaya and i feel so so full right now. i'm as sleepy as a dormouse, and the only thing which is keeping me from heading to bed is because the extremely uncomfortable feeling of sleeping on a full stomach, so here i am blogging while willing the food to digest as soon as possible.

i've said this in the previous few posts, and i'll say it again. nothing much is going on. oh wait, i take that back. stuff IS happening, but it's too personal to share specific details here.


i hate it, when people preach at me about THEIR ideas about life as it should be lived, THEIR ideas about language as it should be spoke, THEIR ideas of everything and anything. to tell the truth, you have not the slightest idea what in the blazes is going on. you know nothing about me. yes, you can claim to know more than a few random facts about me, but that doesn't mean, not for one moment, that you know ME. i implore you, for goodness sake, do not come at me with your starchy ideas of how i should do things. 

the very action of you doing so, shows that you know not the slightest bit about me. when i feel strongly about something, when i have thoroughly made up my mind about it, i would have thought through and through again, and concur that i indeed have valid reasons to have chosen that path. my beliefs are unshakeable, and you might just as well try demolishing everest with a kid's shovel, than to get me to change my ways (unless you have extremely sound, logical reasons why.) 

don't ever come at me with a "you're wrong and you should do it this way because this is THE way it's done" because truth is, it's because you want me to do it YOUR way. don't tell me "you can't do this, because i say so", when you don't even have rational reasons to back you up, and you don't even know why you yourself are saying it.

don't bloody act as if you have my best interests at heart, because i see right through all your nonsense and i know that all YOU are worried about is yourself, how others will think of you. if you're such a nervous wreck and get tied up in knots about what other people think, it's up to you, but don't EVER try to impose yourself on me, because i am having none of your warped psychological muck.

some people choose to be different. some people just choose not to let what affects others, affect them. some people choose to let go of the burdens and cares that most of the world carry. is that so hard for you to accept? is it so difficult to see me go my own path, to let me follow what i believe in?


i welcome advice and can take criticism. if you have good reasons to support you on why you think i am wrong, and tell me, i am willing to accept your opinions, and even change my stand and make adjustments in certain things that i do, but don't you dare, for a single fleeting moment, to even FATHOM that you can just come along and cram your ideologies down my throat and expect me to swallow them down. i am my own person, and i know bloody well what i believe in. 

it is MY life, and it is for ME to live. why should i care about what others think? do i live my life for them? i am going to live my life to the fullest, and i don't see why other people's insignificant opinions should hold me back from doing what i want and going the furthest i can.


P.S. sorry for the long rant, and for the vagueness of details. i have to be careful about how i word my posts, seeing as there are certain people out there who get so wound up and miffed over my attitudes towards certain issues and stick their busybody noses into everything.

P.P.S. seriously people, can you just take a chill pill? i am still growing, my attitudes and beliefs will unevitably undergo changes as i go through the years, and as with all people, i will probably leave some things which i consider important to me at this point of my life. there's no need to get so flustered and concerned about things which don't matter much anyway (such as the number of piercings i have, or the music i listen to) as they only make up certain components of my life, and i don't see them having a huge drastic profound impact, or being permanently etched in stone that this is the way i will be for the as long as i live.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011



am on a short break for now. finals are til next monday, boohoo! i will be back after that, pinky promise! or maybe even sooner if i am able.

i love all of you mwahh mwahh! 
here's some pretty pics from tumblr to keep you guys interested! :)

this is so true. i’ve been single for 5 years now. guys have come, tried, and left. none of them have been what i’m looking for. the reason i’m keeping myself single is for when that special person comes along.

awww! :D

fairytales do happen. :’)

P.S. for all those who think i should live according to what YOU think, think again. feedback is allowed, but do not, even for one second, dare imagine that i will allow others to define who i am or what i do.