Thursday, March 31, 2011


i know my blog doesn't seem to be so happening lately.

*inserts picture in attempt to make things look more interesting*

i think my eyes look somewhat red in the picture above, hmm.

anyway, getting down to blogging.

for the past few weeks, this group of malay boys (i am not racist, i am merely describing them, and mentioning their race as part of my description) who talk loudly with their coversation littered with expletives, have been coming to the basketball court to play.

and it annoys me. THEY annoy me.

i have nothing against people of whatever race coming to the basketball court, in fact even in my group we have malays and other people of mixed race as well, but from what i have seen so far, this particular group of kids are ill-mannered, vulgar, and unrefined. i know you think i am very mean, so allow me to clarify.

the other day, we saw them flinging a random object around, and they seemed to be very excited about it. hoots of laughter, shrieks of excitement and merriment could be heard, as though they had gotten their hands on something very interesting and were very pleased with themselves.

they then threw the said object high up into the air, and that was when we realized from its outline that it was a bra. when i walked by afterwards, the bra was on the ground (lacy, purple in colour, at least a C cup, or if not a B+)

there are only 3 ways they would have got their hands on one.
A. they bought it.
B. the bra belongs to one of their sisters / mother / auntie / grandmother / whoever else who does their laundry in their house and so they just conveniently lifted it off the clothesline.
C. they stole it.

i think the answer is obviously C. for A., yeah right, a bunch of 15 year old teenage boys would go spend their money on a bra at a shop. don't (some) 15 year olds have better things to spend their money on, such as buying cigarettes and smoking in a (failed) attempt to look cool? or spending hours in cybercafes shouting "KNN CCB" while killing trolls? do people even kill trolls in cybercafes anymore? whatever.

option B. is likely to be out of the picture as well, because as screwed up a scumbag as anyone might be, i doubt that they would be having a great time flinging bras which belong to their sisters or mothers around. (but if they DO have a great time doing so, then some people are just too lewd for words)

another example of what they do to annoy me. there was a time when the court was very packed, as a lot of people had come to play that day. then, one of the malay boys walked to a tree nearest to the court. he then proceeded to casually pull out his little brother and happily do his business.


i think the only beings which are entitled to such acts in public are dogs.

i cannot for the life of me imagine any of my friends from my group doing that. i would rather forcefully refrain them from doing so before allowing them to make such a fool out of themselves in public. well, maybe except if they were really, REALLY, desperate. but still! at least go find another tree with lots of low-hanging boughs which would give you more coverage and spare us the embarassment!

also, there was a time when one of my friends approached a malay boy from their group to ask for the time, as the said boy was holding a phone.

friend : eh, can i have the time please?
malay boy : wait ah. *stares hard at the screen of his phone*
friend : *waits expectantly*

after one minute 

friend : erm, time?
malay boy : *still staring at screen*
friend : *peeks over*

and my friend sees that the said dude has been staring so engrossedly at the screen because he has been watching porn. oh how polite. anyway, after the malay boy finished watching his lovely video, he gave my friend the time, and then told him that he would love to f*** one of the younger girls (as in around 12 years old) who were cycling around the court.
and this guy was at least 15 or 16, i think. imagine that, 15 or 16 and wanting to lay into a 12 year old. what more, these 12 year olds are very the innocent looking and undeveloped type (if you know what i mean), not like some who already have B cups and wear microminis and tight fitting spaghetti straps and makeup.

i wish that these boys would screw off.


so now that i am done complaining, i shall talk about happier things.

today i was leaving the library, and as i was walking towards the door. just as i reached the front of the door and was about to open it, a guy i didn't know ran a few steps up behind me and opened it for me. :) i didn't even get to pause and smile at him, or give him a nod of acknowledgement as there were a few other people behind me. but it is nice to know that there are still more than a few nice guys around.

after my class, i had no transport back. so i called my friend.

me : hey where are you?
friend : just fetched my friend back, why?
me : oh was just looking for a lift back, but nevermind.
friend : im on my way back to college, if you want a lift then come to the office.

afterwards in the car, i asked him why he even came back to college if he'd already left. he then said "hmm, its ok, you needed a lift back."

i wish more guys were like this. :)

was looking at my nuffnang stats today, and it seems 10 people googled my name.

hmm. wonder who they were, what they were looking for under my name, and whether they came across any inappropriate posts. as you can see, google has also led people with other interesting search keywords to my blog.

P.S. going out with sheng and gang tomorrow, whee! :D

Tuesday, March 29, 2011



a picture of me when i was like what, 14?
 i was very tanned back then because that was a time of my life when basketball WAS my life. i ate, slept, drank, and breathed basketball.

damn, i was a whole lot skinnier back then. but now?
*sad face*

but on a sidenote, i was a lot flatter back then as well. haha!
oh well. guess you can't have everything. 

so anyway, i have something to share from the other day i was on the bus. it was 5.30pm, the peak hour. people were crammed in shoulder to shoulder and everyone was trying hard to act like statues and not move because the slightest shift in position would result in a dig in the ribs, a poke in the back, or  a kick in the shins to the person standing next to them.

you get my drift. it was so packed, i think that the nazi concentration camp at auschwitz would probably have had more breathing room.

so anyway, there i was just staring blankly ahead with music blasting through my headphones trying to ignore the heat and prominent B.O., when i noticed that a mother, who was with an infant child (and by that i mean probably less than a year old), had placed the baby on a seat of his own.

with all due respect, honestly, isn't that really inconsiderate?
for those who think that i'm being rude and insensitive, i beg to differ.

why should a  baby who is only the size of a biscuit tin, deserve a seat of his own, when 80 year old grannies with walking sticks carrying heavy bags of groceries, are standing and straining to keep their balance every time the bus turns a corner or goes over a hump?

if the mother were really so precious concerned about the comfort of her kid, shouldn't a more comfortable place be her lap, which would probably feel like a giant cushion to him? i'm sure that the mite mustn't have felt very comfortable on the hard plastic seat either, seeing the way he unhappily tumbled and back and forth and side to side, as though he were a barrel in a small boat on a rough ocean.

and dangerous too, don't you think? what if the bus driver had suddenly pulled the emergency brakes and everyone were jolted forward?

the child being as small and light as he was, would probably have been jolted a fair distance more.

thoughtless woman.

Monday, March 28, 2011


the other day i was in McD, and was absolutely dying to go to the washroom. however, the ladies was already occupied. i went back moaning to my sister and she said "use the guys washroom lah!"

i went back, opened the door of the guys washroom, promptly gagged and stubbornly refused to use it, no matter how desperate i was. heck, i'd even pee in a cup if i had to, but no way was i gonna use the guys washroom.

why? because there was freaking piss all over the toilet seat and on the floor, that's why. i get really irritated when i see this, not only there, but also everywhere else where there's shared washrooms for males and females. i mean, don't guys know how to blardy hell aim?

the toilet bowl is so big already right, how hard can it be to just aim properly? or even if you DO have bad aim, at last have the courtesy of using toilet paper to wipe up your own mess, goddamnit.

Friday, March 25, 2011


im sure that more than a few girls have experienced this.

some guy you've seen around, adds you up on msn / facebook. since you know him and it would be rude to do otherwise, you accept. conversations abound, and he appears to be a nice person. a few conversations down the road, he gets reeaaally friendly. and soon, he's hitting on you. because you aren't interested, you politely decline, but say you would like to stay friends.

after half hearted attempts trying to  persuade you to change your mind, he gives up and resignedly accepts. whatever conversation you have just had abruptly stops there.

after a week or so of silence, you attempt to smooth things over by saying hi and being friendly. however, he is no longer the mr. nice guy that was portrayed in the past month or so, instead now having a cool and somewhat sarcastic persona.


encountering the likes of you seriously disheartens me. it really is such a downer, thinking that each and every one of you are really such genuinely nice people, only to find out that i couldn't be more wrong, and it was all a sham. i mean, what the hell is your problem? only looking for kicks, and when i say no, you have such a sudden drastic change of attitude?

seriously, go get your head right. acting in such a way only confirms my stand.

p.s. surely not all guys are like this, right? RIGHT? please someone, prove me wrong. i might not have been in a relationship for a long time, but that doesn't mean that just any guy can come along and pick me up. i might sound conceited saying this, but i know i'm worth more than that.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


songs from disney movies are mad love!

what makes this video amazing is that it's one guy singing all the different parts and knowing exactly where to harmonize.

ahh, those songs. causes instant flashbacks throughout the years when i dreamt of swimming under the sea with flounder, singing in diamond mines with dwarves, and soaring across the skies on a flying carpet.

absolutely mindblowing. watch!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


today, i fell down the stairs. and it wasn't the 'oops i kinda stumbled slightly and so just grabbed onto the handrail' kind of fall. it was me losing my balance due to wrong footing, then precariously perching on my toes, frantically waving my arms round and round, trying in vain to regain my balance, before failing miserably and tumbling down the whole flight of stairs, landing in a disheveled heap at the bottom. under normal circumstances, i would have hastily gathered myself up, before hurrying away all flustered and redfaced, muttering and cursing myself under my breath for being such a clumsy fool.

today, however, was different. today, i was happy to have fallen down the said stairs at the said time. i then smiled to indulgently to myself, before casually getting up, brushing myself down, and then strolling gaily on my way. i might even have let out a little hysterical giggle or two.

no, there is nothing wrong with me. allow me to explain.

as i was coming up the flight of stairs, thinking about my new running shorts that i had just bought - should i go back and change them for a size smaller, as they currently fit slightly loose, and sports attire generally tend to stretch after a few washes? should i ditch classes on thursday to go shopping with rachel? would i be notified as eligible for the MAS field trip on friday? i had made up my mind to join The Star Public Speaking Competition, now how was i going to go about the procedure of applying? as i was happily going about my life humming a tune in my head, someone appeared at the top of the stairs, someone who with i had a nasty feud with in the past, someone i didn't like at all. 

a dark scowl plastered on her face, she glowered and glared at me as though i had just been the cause of her bad hair day. and the zits on her face. and her smudged eyeliner. pleasant thoughts flying straight out of my head, i however maintained a flaccid, neutral expression, just to show her that no sullen angry person with a problem with the world was going to have any impact on me, not the slightest bit.

a few seconds later, she had reached the bottom of the stairs, and was gone on her way. and then, it happened. and the next thing i knew i was sitting on my bum on the last stair, limbs all tangled up.

perfect timing. a few seconds before, and she would have had all the reason in the world to screech her head off in laughter at me. a few seconds later, and someone might have seen me. as it was, there was no one in sight, no one who could have possibly seen my fall from grace. :P and for that, i was glad. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


haven't been giving many pictures of my life lately, so here you are.

went out with nigel and crystal after the worship service today because it was church report day and staying to listen to figures and statistics would only result in us being bored.

we were walking about and i was as always, chattering away about everything and anything.

me : so i think the best ice cream that you could ever get for RM1 is McD's sundae cone! right right?
crystal : hey what about here? the ice cream is nice as well!

unconsciously, we had strolled straight up to the chocolate lounge. they sell their vanilla ice cream for RM1.50 per cup, which is pretty reasonable, but i had yet to try it. since nigel and crystal were up for it, the three of us settled down for ice cream at the chocolate lounge.

nigel and crystal buying ice cream.

cakes! mehh. the ones at secret recipe are probably nicer. and cheaper.

pictures of our ice cream because my frivolous hyperactive mind gets excited by little things like that.

take one

take two - the ice cream on the right looks as though it's about to drip down at any moment.

crystal and i.
she's like what, 7 years older than me, but we get along well!
she doesn't look like she's that much older, does she?

window shopped a bit more after that

pretty dress from a shop called doodles in asian avenue! they sell nice rings too.

i like this dress but it's obscenely short on me. if i were to bend over it would give people behind me a nice view of my rear end. i'm posting it up here to tell all the short girls who read my blog, go get it! it's very nice. i think it's about rm60?

because i know you all like seeing pictures of me, don't you?

however, if you hate me, go ahead and print out my picture, draw a moustache on my face and horns on my head, tack my picture up on your wall, and throw darts at me. i couldn't care less. :D

white tank, grey denim skirt - kitschen. watchpiece necklace - bazaar.

i don't like dressing up too fussily. most of the time i wear t-shirts, shorts, simple dresses, tank tops, and skirts.

dropped by the body shop for her to use up her free sample vouchers, walked a bit more, then we were off.

crystal and i again.
rats, im not looking at the camera.
in case you didn't notice, the flowers next to which we are sitting form a heart.

and, like my red longchamp inspired bag? i got it for only RM25, plus the quality is superb! 
mygoodness i'm so proud of myself for getting such a nice bag at such a low price.
*wipes away tears of happiness*

running shorts from reebok. cost RM60. well they were actually RM100 but with a 40% discount. still expensive! D:
but i really liked them. and thus, my weak mind succumbed to the temptation.
*hides face*

wah wah stress stress assignments assignments.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


1. if you are so determined to believe the worst of everything, so doggedly upturning every single little thing in life looking for something to critique, and spouting on and on about how much everything sucks, then go ahead. since you're so certain of it, i'm sure that you're right anyway. be my guest and be the victim of your own poisonous, malicious, warped mind. just don't blame anyone but yourself for it.

2. no, i don't have a boyfriend. :) people see me talking and laughing with random guys around, and there we go with all the speculations. i looked 'friendly' with the guy you saw me with the other day? erm, hello? do you know how many people from subang go to taylors / inti? of course i would know more than a few! but it IS amusing though, to hear all the stories and assumptions that are flying around. maybe i should just sit back and let idle tongues continue wagging so that i can continue being entertained by all these tall tales. :D

3. at the opposite end of the scale however, someone said that i will never be able to find anyone who loves me for who i am. because i'm too independent, too feisty, too strong, too spirited, too lively, not submissive enough, not well-mannered enough, not feminine enough.
hey you! guess what guess what?
go ahead and say what you want. after all, it's not like anything you say matters to me. heck, i wouldn't want YOU to love me anyway. :D

4. you. thank you. thanks for putting up with me all the time, i know i'm not the easiest person to tolerate, but you do so anyway without a single word of complaint, and make me feel so comfortable with you. thank you for taking the trouble to always be by my side. for listening to me and comforting me during the times i bitch about how much life sucks and nothing's going my way, for all the times you put up with me and so much of my nonsense, because we're tight like that. it's awesome how i can say nothing at all, and you know exactly what's on my mind. i love you. :)

5. i don't know. sometimes when i see you i get tingles in my tummy, and at other times, i'm so indifferent to the fact that you even exist. you might be going away soon and i'm torn between wanting to see you more before you leave, or shutting you out from my life now so that i won't have to deal with you being gone. i wish i could be brave enough to open up and tell you how i feel, but we're so far apart, and i never know what's going on in your head. whatever it is, come what may, i wish you well, and all the best in life. i'm sure you'll go far. just be sure to remember me when you get there.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


total atrocity. complete calamity. epic disaster.

friday, by rebecca black.

there should be laws prohibiting the distribution of videos like this. i nearly fell off my chair reeling back from the sheer horror of it.

the fact that a prepubescent teeny bopper who cant sing for nuts could have a video as bad as this viewed 13million times in the space of a few days really boggles me.

i looked it up on google, and turns out that she was able to get this video done because her filthy rich parents actually paid some company to make this video for their wannabe popstar daughter.

it's actually kinda sad - this poor kid shouldnt have to take all the blame for the fact that she's the star of a crappy video like this, and is currently a huge laughing stock. the main culprits are really her parents, who dont know how to say 'no' to her. why the heck would you let your daughter make such a fool of herself in front of the entire cyber world?

so there's been countless parodies on it, but what's amusing is that these parodies are actually so much better than the original.

i mean, this parody by kalie shorr here actually sounds good. brilliant in fact, compared to the original.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


as tough, no nonsense, and independent as i might appear to be on the outside, i still am pleasantly surprised, and get tingles in my tummy, when at unexpected instances, a guy shows me his genteel side. sadly though, i havent seen much of that in a long while, and i had almost forgotten chivalry existed.

i love it when a guy holds the door open for me, gives me his space in the line, takes my heavy college folder and books from me, takes the trouble to make sure i get home safely. go ahead and say im being silly, soft, and overly grateful because thats what guys are supposed (emphasis on SUPPOSED, because not many guys do so) to do anyway but hey, im sure most girls would feel the same way.


today, i was in the car with a friend of mine who was sending me home from college. he had actually finished earlier, and id told him to go right on home and not to worry about me, but because he was worried about how i would get home, he said that he would wait.

so after my class ended, it was raining cats and dogs, the same as the past few days. as we drove on, the roads became so flooded that the water got into his car's engine and we had to pull over at a nearby petrol station. he made attempts to fix the situation, and (in the rain) walked to a nearby car repair workshop, but turns out that the water had caused some major issues which would take more than just a few minutes to fix. all this while, i was just sitting in the car, or mooching around the inside petrol station reading the latest issues of 'female' and 'glamour'.

i know, i know, i felt really bad, but what was i to do? having zero knowledge about anything automobile-related, i had no clue on how to help, and was afraid of being a hindrance rather than help if i hung around. so for more than an hour, while the rain poured down with a vengeance and the wind blew in stinging gusts, he fretted and sweated over how to fix the situation, and i was just chilling like an ice cube keeping dry indoors. from time to time, he'd come to me to check on how i was doing or if i needed anything.

when the rain died down a bit, he finally got the mechanics to come over and have a look at his car. turns out that there were actually some major issues, and there would have to be some serious work to be done before his car would be fit to be up and running.

he then walked me home because he didnt want me to wait and be stuck there for goodness-knows-how-long it would have taken to get the problem rectified. even though my house was only about half a kilometre away and i was perfectly capable of walking back myself, he insisted because he said that it wasnt safe for me to go alone. hah! if you know me, it wouldnt be safe for anyone to try and pick on me because gutsy me would kick them hard right in the balls. but still, i liked it that he insisted. :)

unlike other guys who might have experienced the same situation, who would have made a big deal complaining about it and making me feel guilty, all the way back, he was apologizing to me. however, i felt that  i should be the one feeling bad about the situation because in a way, it might have been my fault for making him wait in the first place, since if he hadnt waited for me, he wouldnt have got caught in the rain and had all these problems. i thought it was very nice, and rather sweet of him to be so conscious and sensitive towards the issue.


for all guys out there, you might not have to be caught in the pouring rain with a girl and walk her home to show her your chivalrous side, but it would be nice if you could do so in small ways. things like offering a girl your arm up a flight of stairs when she's wearing 5 inch heels, covering her with your jacket when she says she's cold, helping her reach for that book on the highest shelf. trust me, we girls notice gestures like this, however little, and we'll remember what you did for us, for a long, long time.

we notice and remember it more than we do for good looks, for brains, for your 6 pack, for your mazda rx8. after all, there are more than a few guys who are handsome, smart, brawny, and drive flashy cars, but a guy who takes the trouble to look after us a little better, ah, those are a rarer species altogether.

chivalry is sexy! :)

p.s. found a few more photos off the net and i just couldnt resist sharing them! so, here you are.

too cute!

i hope not!

aww how dear.

some girls are too feminist for their own good.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


so stupid.
so, SO stupid.
look at this thread of a conversation on facebook.

wonders why everyone is so fascinated by the fact that Japan got hit by a massive earthquake ..
Friday at 11:47pm ·  · 

  • Lisa Pang and 4 others like this.

    • Yq Tay Omg! Imagine millions of mushroom ther dead! Juz imagine
      Friday at 11:50pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Jaden Khor Jin Eu Ah , don't worry . Japan is famous for it's indestructibility .

      Refer back to World War II .. :D (super insensitive!) 
      Friday at 11:51pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Yq Tay Russia failed
      Friday at 11:59pm ·  ·  2 people

    • Jaden Khor Jin Eu What I mean't was , that Japan got nuked by two atom bombs and still , most of them survived .

      Bloody Japanese people , they're just like cockroaches . (hey, calling people cockroaches when they've just gone through such a terrible ordeal is so not cool.) Virtually , indestructible .
      Yesterday at 12:01am ·  ·  1 person

    • Tan Ying Qi fascinated?!
      Yesterday at 12:27am · 

    • Grace Seen We did not get this response to autralia or new zealand's natural disaster. It is a little odd :\ ah well all the more people to pray for japan.
      Yesterday at 1:48am ·  ·  1 person

    • Mikki Xp are u mentioning ashman ? xD!!!! LOLZ
      16 hours ago · 

    • Ying Qi : Yeah lar , everyone seems to enjoy the fact that thousands of people are potentially at risk of loosing their lives .
      Grace : Exactly . Everyone here is so naive . When NZ and Aussie got hit with natural disasters , everyone couldn't even bother reading about it on the newspaper . (people did bother, just that you didnt know because you're too wrapped up in the trivialities of your daily life to know) Japan got hit once , everyone starts making such a big halla-ba-loo ~ They're all nation-ists :D

      Mikki : No ... -.-
      15 hours ago · 

    • Tan Ying Qi well, not everyone. because i am not.
      9 hours ago · 

    • Jaden Khor Jin Eu Oh ? Good for you .
      7 hours ago · 

    • Grace Seen Hahahah daaamn jin eu, sarcastic much?
      7 hours ago · 

    • Jaden Khor Jin Eu I was ? No I wasn't -.- . When was I being sarcastic .
      7 hours ago · 

    • Ko Tee Aik all our sympathy be the japanese. You all must donate all your ang paw money to the japanese students. We r lucky because we stay outside the earthquake belt.
      4 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • dude no offense but your post and your subsequent comments on it are totally insensitive and uncalled for, given the current situation. referring to the japanese as 'cockroaches' and other statements that you made are really rude. how would you feel if people called us malaysians 'rats' or something like that if our country had just gotten hit by a massive earthquake that destroyed homes and caused thousands of deaths, and our whole nation were in grief?

      i dont mean to be condescending but im just giving my opinion. next time, it would be better for you to think before you speak, what more on something as public as facebook. :)

      no offense! :)
      3 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Well , considering how we Malaysians act these days , I will not be surprised if people do call us rats . Heck , my friends in Slovenia and the Czech Republic describes our country as screw ups .

      And secondly , it's almost near impossible for our country to get hit by a quake that big , perhaps a small tremor but not on such a huge magnitude like the one that hit Japan , thank God . Unless one has been watching too many ''2012'' movies , then you'd most probably assume we'd get hit by a nation-wrecking earthquake . (he totally doesnt understand what i mean. obviously i know that msia is not located within proximity to areas which are prone to earthquakes, i was just implying that he imagine if he were in the same situation as the very people he's so unabashedly throwing all these brusque statements at. would he like it if some totally dense, moronic retard started saying all sorts of rubbish about it? just imagine, what if you had a friend, or a relative in japan? i guarantee you would think twice before opening that big mouth of yours.)

      And thirdly , I will say whatever I want to say just as long it doesn't cross the boundaries of politics and religion . It's not up to you , or anyone else to decide what I wanna say anyways , hence the term freedom of speech .

      However , I MUST truly thank you for trying to spark a failed-attempt to correct me . Not many people do that nowadays , thus I truly thank you .
      Have a brilliant day !


nothing to say. there's no point in arguing with people who are so ignorant and dumb, as whatever argument you give to them, however well worded and presented, they will only misunderstand the meaning behind it. what more, they will make (failed) attempts to counter you by saying something even more idiotic.

then you argue and argue, and it just never stops.

cant be bothered to give the time of the day to a fool like this. such an empty headed, impervious, ignorant, young boy, thinking that he's on top of the world and saying whatever he wants about things he cannot even begin to comprehend the extent of. i really hope that nothing ever happens, (the death of a family member, the amputation of a limb, family coming to bankruptcy, perhaps?) but come what may, if anything does, lets hope that people dont poke fun at you, make all sorts of stupid brash , comments about you, or call you a 'cockroach', ay?

and for anyone else who might think that the 8.9 magnitude earthquake which happened in japan is a laughing matter, look at these pictures, and think again.

houses and property, which people worked their asses off in order to own, reduced to piles of rubble in the blink of an eye. years of work and effort gone, just like that.

a woman carrying her daughter to safety, away from the destruction.

Collapsed: Three shocked workers look at the factory in Sukagawa city, Fukushima that only a short while earlier they had been working inside with dozens more unsuspecting colleagues
employees of a factory in sukugawa were left jobless after their company was destroyed.

people fighting for their lives, clawing their way to every next breath, precariously hanging on.
what did you call them again? go on! mock them! scream it at them, these people who are suffering, who are in agony, as loud as you can! go ahead, laugh at their anguish, their pain!


after all, what are they? just people, like you and me. people, who have a life, a family, loved ones. people, who each have their right to live, but are going through so much pain. what does it matter, to a half baked teenager like you, living your cushy, sheltered life, when all you know is hunching in front of the screen of your computer, blind to reality, worrying about whether you'll wear your adidas or nikes tomorrow, whether you'll eat pizza or mcdonalds for dinner? what do you know, beyond the four walls of your room? 

the very existence of people like you, BOY, people who stupidly and dumbly make flippant nonchalant comments about things that they have no comprehension of, infuriate me beyond words, sickens me, fills me with disgust.

so immature, yet so obdurately arrogant, proud, and oblivious. strutting around making 'smart' comments just because he knows no better.

a young man carting his grandmother away from the danger.

Debris: An eerie mist moves over the debris of destroyed homes and cars caught in the raging tsunami waters
the damage caused by the tsunami which occurred due to the quake.

Emotional: Two visibly shaken young Japanese women who were evacuated from a building in Central Park in Tokyo comfort each other as news spreads of the devastation unleashed across the country
young women standing together, holding onto each other for comfort and support.

moving the children out of harm's way.

Explosions: Giant fireballs rise from a burning oil refinery in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture after being shaken by the earthquake off the coast
fires raging from an oil refinery in ichibara.

people anxiously waiting in trepidation, not knowing if they will even have a house to go back to.

"japan got hit once, people are making such a huge hullabaloo"

well, what if your house ever catches fire? since it would be such a small matter in comparison to what is happening in japan, maybe you wouldnt mind if no one made a commotion about it, or even noticed that you need help. 

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