Tuesday, December 6, 2011


maybe it's a little (more like one whole week, heh) late to be saying hello to december, but hey better late than never, ay? 

so while the rest of the world is goes happily by, immersed in the cheery festive holiday spirit, i can only snatch envious glances before going back into my dark hole and cramming for finals.

studying all round the clock calls for a momentary break to gather my sustenance before taking a deep breath and plunging back into the books, so here i am blogging.


2 papers down, and i'm already halfway through.

with mugging like mad for finals, and all notion of healthy living has flown clean out of the window.

sleep (or lack of it)  
what sleep? with hours upon hours of studying, nights and days merge into one, til i can barely tell them apart. holed up among the books, i only live in a cycle of studying, falling asleep, waking up, and repeating the same sad process.

exercise (or lack of it)
the only exercise i got in at all so far was walking about 4km to the court at usj4, then one and a half hours of basketball yesterday. some may say that's really good, but if you know me i'm an exercise junkie and this amount of activity just doesn't cut it for me. I MISS MY CARDIO. I MISS RUNNING AND GOING FOR LONG WALKS AND BASKETBALL GAR GAR GAR.

i suppose this is one area which i haven't fallen back TOO badly. i don't have time to dream about what foods i want to eat, or keep on drifting into the kitchen to stare at the contents inside the fridge. i'm not exactly in the best situation have my hands full to continuously snack / munch when i'm busy flipping pages and taking notes. however, it's not good that i haven't been able to sit down and take my time to savour a full meal since sunday. 4 days of eating apples, wholegrain bread, oatmeal, hardboiled eggs, soup, etc can get really boring.

some funny / relevant pictures from 9gag.

Damn finals!

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