Monday, December 19, 2011


how long has it been? nearly two weeks?

on the 10th of december, i travelled up to penang alone, to attend Penang Annual Bible Camp. it was to be a week long, i had no idea what to expect, and it was with about 100+ people i had never met. on the duration of the 5 hour journey up north, i had mixed feelings about it. i was excited to be doing something different, out of my comfort zone. yet i also faced slight notions of trepidation and anxiety. what if i couldn't get along? what if camp was boring? what if the food sucked? (ok that last one was mildly in jest)

but as camp started and the days went along, i found that all my initial doubts and fears were completely unfounded. i made friends with wonderful people, had amazing team members and dorm mates, the food was good, and the activities were super! the week passed by in a flash, and before i knew it, camp was over.

however, although camp officially ended on the 17th, that wasn't the end of my time in penang. i made so good friends with the people there, that they invited me enjoy the hospitality of their homes. as a result, i stayed on 3 days longer than planned.

i was well fed with yummy food, saw picturesque places, laughed til the wee hours of morning, got taken out every day, and just had a blast there.

from 100+ strangers, to 100+ friends.
and i will miss all of you, very much.

*blows flying kisses*


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