Wednesday, December 7, 2011


ever since i shared about how i lost a fat lot of weight, i've gotten lots of feedback from people.

but let me clarify this ; i'm not about getting skinny, i'm about getting HEALTHY. if you're healthy, (i.e. eat clean, exercise, and sleep well) you WILL get in shape, don't worry about it!

when i first started, i have to admit, that i only wanted to lose weight. but once i got started with my healthy lifestyle, i immediately saw the wonderful changes it brought. where in the past i suffered from bad skin (pimples / uneven complexion / etc) low energy levels, difficulty sleeping, etc, i now have relatively clear skin, sleep like a baby, have enough energy to run almost 30km every week, and so on.

in this post, i'm going to talk about the importance of food intake for getting in shape.

when i first started, the dreaded D-word for me was DIET.

for most people, 'DIETING' means going through a period of staying away from some foods they deem 'bad'. however, after they have reduced the weight, they go off their diet and start eating those foods again, then they gain back the weight, and so the cycle repeats and repeats.

isn't that really pointless? why would you put effort into getting there, only to slide all the way back to square one after all your hard work?

let me make this clear ; i didn't diet my way here. i eat anything i want! the only difference that instead of being ON a diet, i've CHANGED my diet. when you're on a diet, you constantly think about what you're missing out on, when you've changed your diet, you look forward to every yummy, nutritious, healthy meal you're about to have. although i might still eat chocolate, or have a slice of cake every once in a while, it is only on rare occasions, i mostly only consume fresh, clean, QUALITY foods.

it might be hard to change your diet, but once you've got on it, you won't even think twice about whether you should drink that bubble tea or plain water, whether you should eat that plate of pasta with heavy sauce, or a bowl of vegies and lean meats. the benefits of changing your diet far outweighs the cons, so lets talk about this in further detail.



let's say for an adult female, the recommended amount of calories per day is 1800cals. a big mac combo meal from McDonald's has 1,090 calories. that's more half of the recommended caloric intake for the day! 

here is a list of foods which are adored by many, complete with their nutritional value.





furthermore, most if not all of those calories come from saturated fat, processed starch, sugar, oil, etc not to mention the amount of sodium, preservatives, and flavourings they chuck in the so called 'food' that you're putting into your body. you might feel good for the half an hour or so that you're consuming your meal, but feel heavy and nauseous for in the following hours.

that meal is not going to give you any real energy. you might feel good for a while due to the increased amount of sugar high and processed carbs, but trust me, it'll be over as soon as it came upon you, leaving you in a slump and craving for more. and if you put crap into your body, you'll look like crap. 


many of us have heard this adage, but don't really know what it means. do you know that your body uses the food you put into it to repair itself? when your cells die, they are flushed out of your system and the body uses its resources (i.e. the food you consume) for growth and sustenance. the food you eat is used to build new cells, to repair your muscles, hydrate and revive your system, etc therefore what you eat, literally becomes YOU. and do you really think that  the chemicals and preservatives in processed food will give you shiny hair, strong nails, clear skin, bright eyes, and abundant energy levels? 

did you know that to achieve the same amount of calories in a big mac by eating apples, you'd have to eat more than 30 of them? that's right, 30 apples! i'm guessing if you ate 3 of them (about 150cals) you'd feel much fuller for longer, on way less calories. plus apples give you fibre, vitamins, minerals, and complex carbs.

so you tell me, which is the better way to spend your calories? on a small amount of rubbishy, 'fake' processed foods, or wholesome, nutritious, real foods?

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