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in my last post (click!) about healthy eating, i mentioned some of the foods that would be detrimental to a healthy lifestyle. 

however, healthy living isn't about depriving yourself from yummy food and living on carrot sticks!  there are many options out there that can taste just as good, if not better than the processed, 'fake' food that so many people have become used to.

there's a reason i don't eat most commercial packaged foods from the supermarkets - they're laden with preservatives, flavourings, chemicals, and goodness knows what else.

here's just some more side info i bet you weren't really aware of ; be prepared!

THIS crap is what you are putting into your body when you eat most commercially prepared burger patties / meatballs / sausages. do you really think that the money hungry corporations would give you the choice parts of the chicken (e.g. proper meat from the breast / loin / ribs / thigh) when those are profitable for the market? no!

so they take all the parts that they can't use - the intestines, kidneys, bones, liver, throw it into the grinder, and it comes out like the picture above. that foul garbage is then shaped into patties for burgers, wrapped in gelatin for sausages, or moulded into innocent, fun looking nuggets. because it is crawling with germs, it is treated with ammonia solution. it will taste disgusting, so it's pumped with flavourings / seasonings, and then some more chemicals to make sure it lasts for months and months without spoiling. 

disgusting, but now you know.


for those who still argue that healthy eating is boring / bland, here's some proof for you that it's NOT.


i'll admit that in the beginning it was tough for me to clean up my diet, because i had eaten so much of artificial, chemical pumped, flavorings and preservatives laden food that it was a challenge to go without them. but after some time, my body fully embraced the nutrients it was getting, and started making radical changes.

your diet makes a huge difference in shaping up. 

a healthy diet consists of balance, variety, and moderation!
  • balance: eating from all the food groups; meaning that you are eating whole grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy (or dairy substitutes), fats, and proteins everyday.
  • variety: eating the different types of foods within each food group, don’t only eat tomatoes as your vegetable source everyday for the rest of your life.
  • moderation: don’t consume excessive amounts of one food or food group.

i know many guys out there want to buff up, so they spend lots of time in the gym working out. but did you know that by cleaning up your diet, you'd get where you want a lot sooner, even without working out as much?

lest you think this is garbage and you have to practically live in the gym in order to tone up, and also to present you with some assurance of what i just said, here is a picture of me flexing my arm.

ok so it might not be that impressive, but there's you can't deny that there's some definition! and bear in mind that this was without any weight training at all, only regular exercise (running /basketball) and a healthy diet.

what do i eat?

carbs : whole grains - oats, wholemeal bread, wholemeal crackers 
protein : chicken breast, fish, lean cuts of beef, tofu, yogurt
fruits : apples, watermelon, papaya, honeydew, rock melon, guava
vegies : spinach, turnip, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, beansprouts, bok choy, brinjal, okra, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, celery

as for liquids, i only drink water, tea, or (in smaller amounts) lowfat milk.

a clean diet is the most important part of getting in shape!

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