Monday, November 7, 2011


"it is nice to be important, but important to be nice."

i try, believe me, oh how i try to be a nice to everyone.

i smile at random people whom i pass in the malls, i'm polite to waiters, i gladly give my seat to those who need it more than i do, i don't mind bearing the brunt of the burden when it comes to assignments, just the other day i helped a little boy who was lost, and the list goes on.

when guys approach me, i usually tell them KINDLY that i'm not interested. however, it can be difficult to maintain this pleasant profile, especially given the state of certain morons who exist.

read on. 

i was online as usual a few days ago, when this guy by the name of Joseph Wong messaged me.

jw : Hi :)
me :  erm hi but do i know you?
jw : i am joseph wong. what is your name?
me : uhh obviously i know your name is joseph wong lol, it says so on yr profile. and my name is there =.= just look at it
jw : really, where? what is your name?
me : use your eyes and LOOK
jw : so your name is cherly?
me : my name is not cherly =.=
jw : then what is your name?
me : ...
jw : cherly, can i be a friend?
me : no.

*blocks the retard.*


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