Saturday, November 12, 2011


just thought i'd share some backlogged pictures with you guys.

my sis and i, when i followed her in attending city harvest church some weeks ago. 

i attend city harvest once in a while, due to my cousins and friends. however, i still consider my church in sunway as my home church.

so, guess what i was doing there?

yep, i went to city harvest church to see jayesslee perform!

that particular week it was a full house, because of the famous duo. trust me when i say that there was barely any room at all to move when we were waiting to go in. when the doors opened, the whole crowd suddenly surged forward and we got caught up in the mass, moving along with them. we headed for the good seats, murmuring "excuse me's" along the way, but we were moving way too slow and i was afraid that all the places would be taken.

then in a flash of genius, i took my bag off my shoulder, and flung with all my strength, way above the crowd, to the seats that i wanted, which assured us that no one else would sit there.

so thanks to me, we got a really good view of the whole thing, haha.

poster projected onto the massive screen before the twins appeared.

after the worship service, finally!

they performed 4 songs for us that day, Rocketeer, Dare You To Move, another song of which i can't recall the title, and a korean song.

they also shared with us their testimony of how Christ touched their lives.

after the service, there was a photo taking / autograph session. however due to the massive number of people lining up just to get in, i couldn't be bothered.

so i just stood outside the glass wall and took a picture. :)

i was THIS close to them!
*gestures with index and thumb*

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