Saturday, November 5, 2011


sweaters are so lovely, donchathink? i wish we had this kind of weather more often, then i'd wear them much more frequently! they keep me so warm and toasty, which totally evokes that fuzzy christmassy feel.

yes i'm eagerly anticipating christmas already, even though it's still a while more before it gets here.

so i was supposed to go disco skating with my youth group today. however, i followed my mum out first, and couldn't get back in time. so i didn't go D:

not to say that my day was boring in any way though, not at all. in fact, it was a pretty good day! gosh i saw so many things that were just screaming out my name, wanting to get into my wardrobe!! high waisted tapered pants, cropped tops, chunky bangles, oemgee! but i've already WAYYY overshopped these past couple of months and made a vow to not dig out from my purse any more, unless under special circumstances.

so good thing i didn't have much money with me otherwise i'd totally have blown all my cash. spent some mother-daughter time over lunch and shopping, then after that my family went for steamboat buffet. ate too much and have a massive food baby now.

pictures from my day.

turquoise skinnies.
yay / nay?

still contemplating. 

personally, i really like them. i have a funny preference to things that are out of the ordinary.
i could wear them with a red top for christmas and totally look like one of santa's elves.

my only purchase of the day, a string of colourful glass beads.

what? they were on sale! 
sale = special circumstances
i was a good girl cos i didn't buy anything the whole day, so i figure that this purchase is justified.


i met him again today. 

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