Thursday, November 24, 2011


no, that is not real bread.

you know, losing weight / having long hair / knowing how to dress / learning to slap on some eyeliner & mascara has made a huge difference in my life. more often than not, i'm undecided about whether i like the change, because while it can be flattering, it can also be annoying at times.

like, not knowing who's for real and who isn't. getting hit on by lame pickup lines. guys thinking i'm a prime target, because of how i used to be in the past.

different boys whom i used to see every day, who never even paid me any attention, who never kept in touch after high school, now call me 'hot / sexy / gorgeous', dropping me calls just to ask me what i'm doing at the moment, whether i'd be free to hang out sometime or catch a movie, and btw do i have a boyfriend yet?

or guys who were never particularly sporty, suddenly asking me if i'd go running with them, whether we can play basketball together.

one failed attempt by a boy-who-shall-not-be-named-because-i'm-too-nice. we in the same high school, but only recently did he start talking to me. and because y'all know i'm a nice person like that, i do the polite thing and entertain him.

him : hey :)
me : sup
him : wow at yr dp, you've lost a lot of weight!
me : how can you tell? my dp is only from the shoulder up. 
him : you're right. so we should go out sometime then i'll be able to see your whole body. :D
me : 


on those reality tv shows where people get made over and stuff,one common thing they'd  say after getting made over is 'oh it's sad that people who didn't like me in the past like me now' i didn't understand why they'd have a problem with people liking them, like 'man what are you complaining about?'

but now i do.

it's disheartening to see how people treat me differently just because how i'm like on the outside has changed. you can drop the act, because i'm still the same girl i was.

the girl who would rather play basketball than paint my nails, the girl who caught frogs in the rain, the girl who wore sneakers instead of heels, who played pokemon instead of barbie, who'd rather run instead of watching twilight (hee!)

and that girl is not about to change, at least not for a long while yet.

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