Wednesday, November 9, 2011


running along the beach in the early morning when the sky is still clear blue strewn with clouds on the horizon, the air is is so fresh, looks simply wonderful! this picture is so amazingly beautiful and significant to me. :')

some time back, before all these problems with my knees started, i signed up for Nike Run KL, which will be in approximately 2 weeks.

my knees started acting up in august, and although i haven't pushed myself since then, only gone for long walks, i fear that on the day of the run, i'll still only be able to move at a crawl compared to other runners.

but hey you know what? that will NOT be an obstacle to me. yes, i have this inner trepidation that on that day, i won't be able to run like how i know i can, but you know what people say ; 

you're only defeated when you give up.

and i will never, EVER give up running. i'll jog slowly, walk, even crawl on my bloodied knees dragging myself along with my nails, but i'll cross that finish line. 

on a lighter note, this quote made me smile today. :)

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