Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Nike Run KL took place on sunday, just 3 days ago.


it was a bittersweet experience for me.

as we stood waiting to start, hot tears stung my cheeks, because i knew i could not possibly run the whole way. 

the start gun sounded, and i began to run. i told myself i'd run as much as possible, but slow down whenever i felt the familiar dull pain before it could build up in my knee.

made it to 4.5km before it came upon me. slowed down to a walk.

puff, puff. walked, ran, walked, ran, walked, ran.

it shames me to think that back when i had no problems whatsoever with running, i'd keep it up the whole way, not slowing down to walk for even a second, and whenever i'd see others walking, i'd scoff inwardly at them, "hmph, weaklings". never again shall i be so condescending and arrogant in my thinking towards other runners. we each have our own race to run, and it is not our place to judge how others run their race when our own is still before us.

seeing others pass me with ease made me angry at myself, and the irony of the situation. do you know how hard i trained? how disciplined i was with my schedule, eating, and sleep? 

if i were in form, finishing this 10km with a sub-1hour timing would have been no sweat.

8km, running became unbearable. 

finished the 10k race walking across the finish line.

my timing?

doesn't the above make me sound so angry and resentful? on part, i guess i was.

but after i was done, sitting on the grassy slopes on the edges of padang merbok mulling over the race, it also made me realize many things.

1:22:30 is actually a really good time for someone who was walking more than half of it.

although i couldn't run the whole way, at least i tried my best and gave it my all.

even though i walked, what was important was that i FINISHED the race. 

it might not have been my fastest, but to hell with anyone who says i didn't give it my best shot. 

and this. it made me cry because it rang so true.

"run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must ; just never give up." 

Thursday, November 24, 2011


no, that is not real bread.

you know, losing weight / having long hair / knowing how to dress / learning to slap on some eyeliner & mascara has made a huge difference in my life. more often than not, i'm undecided about whether i like the change, because while it can be flattering, it can also be annoying at times.

like, not knowing who's for real and who isn't. getting hit on by lame pickup lines. guys thinking i'm a prime target, because of how i used to be in the past.

different boys whom i used to see every day, who never even paid me any attention, who never kept in touch after high school, now call me 'hot / sexy / gorgeous', dropping me calls just to ask me what i'm doing at the moment, whether i'd be free to hang out sometime or catch a movie, and btw do i have a boyfriend yet?

or guys who were never particularly sporty, suddenly asking me if i'd go running with them, whether we can play basketball together.

one failed attempt by a boy-who-shall-not-be-named-because-i'm-too-nice. we in the same high school, but only recently did he start talking to me. and because y'all know i'm a nice person like that, i do the polite thing and entertain him.

him : hey :)
me : sup
him : wow at yr dp, you've lost a lot of weight!
me : how can you tell? my dp is only from the shoulder up. 
him : you're right. so we should go out sometime then i'll be able to see your whole body. :D
me : 


on those reality tv shows where people get made over and stuff,one common thing they'd  say after getting made over is 'oh it's sad that people who didn't like me in the past like me now' i didn't understand why they'd have a problem with people liking them, like 'man what are you complaining about?'

but now i do.

it's disheartening to see how people treat me differently just because how i'm like on the outside has changed. you can drop the act, because i'm still the same girl i was.

the girl who would rather play basketball than paint my nails, the girl who caught frogs in the rain, the girl who wore sneakers instead of heels, who played pokemon instead of barbie, who'd rather run instead of watching twilight (hee!)

and that girl is not about to change, at least not for a long while yet.

Monday, November 21, 2011


it's the last week of classes, with all of us swept up into this crazy frenetic whirlwind as we desperately scramble to finish up assignments, study for tests, cram for exams, submit homework, get extra credit work, and the list goes on.


hey, just because i'm blogging doesn't make me any less different. in two days time, i have a test, a web development deadline, a client project to present, and i'm not even halfway through yet. but anyway. i didn't choose to blog to bore you with the sad facts of my academic status. 

i haven't blogged anything personal for such a long time ; if you're a regular here, you'd know that of late, all i do are post up a few pictures, insert appropriate captions, and voila, a new post! or even worse, grab a few pictures off tumblr just to update and keep my blog alive. *crawls into blogging hole of shame*

but this time it's different. read on.


when i came back from residential bible school (RBS) early last year, i'd piled on the pounds. 6 weeks of wonderful, glorious food - i'd stuffed my face with pancakes, scones, cookies, chocolate, chips, you name it. the frosty weather of the highlands meant supper of steaming maggi mee, cups and cups of hot milo and coffee, plus more fattening snacks.

needless to say, i practically rolled back down in a huge blubbery ball. it didn't help either that i next spent a period of time in aussie, where the food is plentiful and rich, with gargantuan portions. 

maybe some of you are going "nahh, she wasn't that big!" well i say I WAS. need proof?

(goodness me i can't believe i'm sharing such embarassing photos here) 

agree with me now? 

it was the fattest i'd ever been, and i couldn't remember a time when i'd felt more uncomfortable with my own body, or more depressed. i promised myself that i'd lose it, but every day, i'd make more and more excuses

"i'll just have this last bar of chocolate"
"i'll only have one more burger"
"it's friday"
"it's a public holiday"
"it's christmas"
"it's easter"
"it's Chinese New Year"
"it's Hari Raya"
"it's your birthday"
"it's my birthday"

blablablablabla etc etc

i rolled around in self pity and depression, not quite knowing what to do. i tried to lose it, but what i didn't know was that i was doing everything wrong. i didn't even understand the first thing about health and fitness, which may seem ironic considering my high involvement with sports. sure, i could shoot hoops and run, but i didn't comprehend even the basic facts about getting and staying fit.

i had hit bottom, and was at my lowest low. i felt like i'd tried everything, and didn't understand what i was doing wrong. 

then, one night at the beginning of this year, i stumbled upon a few health and fitness websites. they taught positive principles, healthy eating, that you had to accept yourself first before you could start to change, and so on.

i was intrigued. i mean, FINALLY, something i could relate to! someone who wasn't telling me that i had to change because i wasn't good enough, but that i was too good to stay this way - out of shape and unhappy.

i took what i learnt to heart, and made serious changes and commitments. i encountered failure after failure, sometimes i wanted to give up and throw in the towel. but i persevered, and i'm glad i did. because since that day (sometime in early april) i'm fitter than i've ever been, even in high school. some of my clothes from my school days don't even fit right any more, i can't wear them because they're too big!

so maybe i'm not exactly the leanest, or the meanest. i know i'm not skinny, in fact i'm far from it. but damn i worked hard to get where i am now, and i'm PROUD OF IT.

i don't know how much weight i've lost - and i don't care. all i know is i can't even wear some clothes which used to be tight for me int he past. what matters is FAT loss, not weight loss. besides, how much you weigh isn't important. after all, 50kgs of lean, toned, muscle, is a hell lot better than 50kgs of soft flabby fat!

so, how did i do it?*

change your mind, change yourself  
it's all in your head. be mentally prepared for the challenges you'll face, and know that failure is inevitable. what's important is having that inner strength to learn from them and rise again.

even if you think you can't run a 5k, that's ok! you don't have to try to measure up to a marathon runner. however, i'd say to PUSH yourself as hard as you can, until you feel like you can't go on. break down your walls, that's the only way to keep moving forward.

eat clean
just because you just busted your ass at the gym, doesn't give you the green light to chow down on a big mac. don't waste your effort, only to throw it away in an ignorant decision! i don't know about you, but i like my food REAL. i guess it's pretty simple, if it came from a plant, or has a mother, it's good to eat! some of the things that i eat would be apples, spinach, tofu, broccoli, lettuce, boiled eggs, chicken breast, mushrooms, papayas, watermelon, beans, and oatmeal.

hungry? eat! 
don't think that just because you skipped a meal, you'll get there faster. believe me when i say i tried that, and tripped myself up every time. not only does skipping meals slow down your metabolism, it also backfires on you as you're likely to be so hungry at your next meal, you'll end up eating more than you would in two meals.

watch your portions
even if it says healthy / low fat/ low sugar / low calorie, it's not gonna help you get in shape if you eat the whole box. 

don't deprive yourself
if you totally remove your favourite foods from your life, you're only going to crave them even more, resulting in high likeliness to give in and binge. it's ok to eat ice cream, or chocolate! just make sure that it's an occasional thing.

get your zzz's 
after all the hard work that you put into diet and exercise, your body's gonna need rest, to repair itself and take in the fuel that you've put into it. sleep is IMPORTANT, i cannot stress this enough. which explains why i've stopped my late night GG sessions, and before 1am, i'm already in bed. 6-8hours of sleep a day is optimum for your body.

have faith
you aren't going to see results in a week, two weeks, three weeks, maybe even a month. for me, it took about 4months before i started seeing changes. it's easy to give up when you think your hard work isn't getting you anywhere, but keep it up! trust me, you WILL get there.

i'm no fitness / nutrition guru, just speaking from my personal experience. i hope that by sharing this with you people, i'll have helped anyone out there who is struggling as well. 

want more? drop a message in my chatbox! :)

Friday, November 18, 2011


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


got my race pack for Nike Run KL 2011!

i was afraid it'd be a bit short cos that's what rachel told me ; but then again, i'm shorter than her so it fitted me fine.

the registration fees for NRKL was only rm20, and with that we got this shirt, a nike bottle, eco bag, and a timing chip. so worth it.

from a different angle.
you like? ;)

NRKL is happening in less than two weeks!


Saturday, November 12, 2011


just thought i'd share some backlogged pictures with you guys.

my sis and i, when i followed her in attending city harvest church some weeks ago. 

i attend city harvest once in a while, due to my cousins and friends. however, i still consider my church in sunway as my home church.

so, guess what i was doing there?

yep, i went to city harvest church to see jayesslee perform!

that particular week it was a full house, because of the famous duo. trust me when i say that there was barely any room at all to move when we were waiting to go in. when the doors opened, the whole crowd suddenly surged forward and we got caught up in the mass, moving along with them. we headed for the good seats, murmuring "excuse me's" along the way, but we were moving way too slow and i was afraid that all the places would be taken.

then in a flash of genius, i took my bag off my shoulder, and flung with all my strength, way above the crowd, to the seats that i wanted, which assured us that no one else would sit there.

so thanks to me, we got a really good view of the whole thing, haha.

poster projected onto the massive screen before the twins appeared.

after the worship service, finally!

they performed 4 songs for us that day, Rocketeer, Dare You To Move, another song of which i can't recall the title, and a korean song.

they also shared with us their testimony of how Christ touched their lives.

after the service, there was a photo taking / autograph session. however due to the massive number of people lining up just to get in, i couldn't be bothered.

so i just stood outside the glass wall and took a picture. :)

i was THIS close to them!
*gestures with index and thumb*

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


running along the beach in the early morning when the sky is still clear blue strewn with clouds on the horizon, the air is is so fresh, looks simply wonderful! this picture is so amazingly beautiful and significant to me. :')

some time back, before all these problems with my knees started, i signed up for Nike Run KL, which will be in approximately 2 weeks.

my knees started acting up in august, and although i haven't pushed myself since then, only gone for long walks, i fear that on the day of the run, i'll still only be able to move at a crawl compared to other runners.

but hey you know what? that will NOT be an obstacle to me. yes, i have this inner trepidation that on that day, i won't be able to run like how i know i can, but you know what people say ; 

you're only defeated when you give up.

and i will never, EVER give up running. i'll jog slowly, walk, even crawl on my bloodied knees dragging myself along with my nails, but i'll cross that finish line. 

on a lighter note, this quote made me smile today. :)

Monday, November 7, 2011


"it is nice to be important, but important to be nice."

i try, believe me, oh how i try to be a nice to everyone.

i smile at random people whom i pass in the malls, i'm polite to waiters, i gladly give my seat to those who need it more than i do, i don't mind bearing the brunt of the burden when it comes to assignments, just the other day i helped a little boy who was lost, and the list goes on.

when guys approach me, i usually tell them KINDLY that i'm not interested. however, it can be difficult to maintain this pleasant profile, especially given the state of certain morons who exist.

read on. 

i was online as usual a few days ago, when this guy by the name of Joseph Wong messaged me.

jw : Hi :)
me :  erm hi but do i know you?
jw : i am joseph wong. what is your name?
me : uhh obviously i know your name is joseph wong lol, it says so on yr profile. and my name is there =.= just look at it
jw : really, where? what is your name?
me : use your eyes and LOOK
jw : so your name is cherly?
me : my name is not cherly =.=
jw : then what is your name?
me : ...
jw : cherly, can i be a friend?
me : no.

*blocks the retard.*


Saturday, November 5, 2011


sweaters are so lovely, donchathink? i wish we had this kind of weather more often, then i'd wear them much more frequently! they keep me so warm and toasty, which totally evokes that fuzzy christmassy feel.

yes i'm eagerly anticipating christmas already, even though it's still a while more before it gets here.

so i was supposed to go disco skating with my youth group today. however, i followed my mum out first, and couldn't get back in time. so i didn't go D:

not to say that my day was boring in any way though, not at all. in fact, it was a pretty good day! gosh i saw so many things that were just screaming out my name, wanting to get into my wardrobe!! high waisted tapered pants, cropped tops, chunky bangles, oemgee! but i've already WAYYY overshopped these past couple of months and made a vow to not dig out from my purse any more, unless under special circumstances.

so good thing i didn't have much money with me otherwise i'd totally have blown all my cash. spent some mother-daughter time over lunch and shopping, then after that my family went for steamboat buffet. ate too much and have a massive food baby now.

pictures from my day.

turquoise skinnies.
yay / nay?

still contemplating. 

personally, i really like them. i have a funny preference to things that are out of the ordinary.
i could wear them with a red top for christmas and totally look like one of santa's elves.

my only purchase of the day, a string of colourful glass beads.

what? they were on sale! 
sale = special circumstances
i was a good girl cos i didn't buy anything the whole day, so i figure that this purchase is justified.


i met him again today. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011


got dressed up for an event organized by my class. it had a 60s theme, and i had absolutely no idea what to wear until the very last minute.

 bunned hair, pearls, and winged eyeliner.

a better shot of my outfit. i added a belt as well, just before i stepped out of the door.

does it have a 60s feel to you?
someone told me i looked like i was going to a christmas party instead. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


a cat play-wrestling with a baby. :D