Saturday, October 8, 2011


for some of you who have been following this blog for a while now, you would know that my original blog link was

however, i switched to a couple months ago.

firstly, my birth name is really Cherish, not Cheryl. whenever i tell someone my birth name, they usually exclaim "really? wow, so why is your name so special?"

so i'd like to share with you how i was given this name. 

when my mother was pregnant with me, the ultrasound scans showed normal pregnancy and that the baby (me) was healthy. a green light was given for me to be born via normal procedure and so on the big day, my mum went into labour.

however, she was in labour for more than 8 hours, which was very unusual. doctors were worried that it might cause too much stress for the baby, and also endanger my mum's physical state, so it was decided that i would be delivered through cesarean operation.

when doctors operated and took me out, it was discovered that my mum had tumors in her ovaries, which had gone undetected even during the scans. so if not for my birth, it would have been possible that the tumors would have stayed there and increased in growth. as such, the tumors were already in their progressed stages. upon seeing those tumors, the doctors were able to successfully remove them and prevent any harm or to my mum which she would have inevitably faced later.

hence, my name, 
- to protect and care lovingly ; to hold something dear.

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