Monday, October 17, 2011


today, the trending story on the home page of is about a toddler who'd been run over twice (twice!) for several minutes, she was lying in her own quicky widening pool of blood, gasping for air and no one even bothered to help her.

the video is extremely gruesome and graphic, and i'd rather you not watch it if you are emotionally vulnerable.

this appalls me to no end. i am absolutely volcanaic with anger and disappointment! the truck drivers, all those apathetic passersby, who saw a helpless child in desperate need of help, yet not one of them bothered.

what on earth has humanity deteriorated to?

as a fellow human being who knows what it is like to hurt, to suffer, how could they ignore the urgent plea for mercy? HOW COULD THEY?

in the video at 0:34, a mother walked past with her child, and all she did was cast a fleeting glance in the hurt toddler's direction, before mildly walking off. did she never consider ; what if it were her child in the same situation?

doctors at the hospital state that the girl is unlikely to survive, having experienced severe physical damage beyond repair of any technology or medicines.

when interviewed, the lorry drivers say that they 'did not realize that they had collided with anything.' lies, outrageous lies! not realize that he'd collided with anything? REALLY?

at the end, it was a garbage collector, a person with a status scorned and despised by many, who finally took action to come to the aid of the injured victim. this just shows how imbalanced the scale of society is - while the majority would consider themselves to more highly equipped in morals and principles, it took an old, frail woman, a garbage collector no less, to put them to shame.

some might cite an infamous incident in 2006 when a person who helped an accident victim, was sued by the victim when the woman regained consiousness, and then ordered by the courts to pay up a compensation, but i beg to differ. those people could have called an ambulance, put a barrier around her to divert traffic, anything!

instead of callously feigning indifference.

see, even the animals know better.


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