Monday, October 10, 2011


alright, so i shared the story of how i got my name in the previous post with you. but how did i come to acquire the name  Cheryl, which i now commonly go by?

the year before i entered high school, i started playing basketball at the park near my house. at the time, there was a group of boys who would consistently play there as well, nearly every day. and so we became acquaintances. 

one day, we were introducing ourselves properly to each other. before that, we only called each other "eh", "wei", "you", or "ball!" (if they were holding the basketball.) they told me their names, then asked me what mine was.

i said, "Cherish."

they looked at each other uncomprehendingly, then said "oh, Cheryl, i see."

i tried again "not Cheryl, Cherish."

and they were "ahh, ok, Cheryl."

me - "it's CHERISH."

they - "alright, Cheryl. got it."

so Cheryl was the name i went by, for those boys. the next year, i entered high school, which was the same school as the lot of them. still in Form1, i didn't really socialise much with my classmates as i had yet to get to know them well.

i'd see the group of boys around, and they'd go 
"hey, Cheryl! hi!"

it stuck, and so there you go.
now you know.


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