Sunday, October 30, 2011


a few months ago, something i wanted really badly was a garmin pacer. 

a runner's best friend, packaged in one nifty little device. 
it tracks the distance of your run, calories burnt, time taken, heart rate, etc etc.

for a while back then, i was hunting around everywhere but i couldn't find it. recently, while idly flipping through the sports section of The Star, i came across an ad for it.

the first thing i thought was "wow, finally! and it's on sale!"
however, my eyes scanned further, and saw that it was a hefty Rm2k.

well that's a lot of money. 

and then i realized, well, what am i so upset about? 

even if i had the money to buy it, it's not like i'd even be able to go running any time soon!

on another note, woke up at 6am today just so i could get my exercise in - 10 x 650m laps *thumbs up*

i have to get up earlier to work out now seeing that as i can't run, i have to walk. which obviously takes a substantially longer time, and i don't want to still be outside when the sun starts beating its rays down in full force.

i miss running. :’(

i miss running, so badly.
knees, hurry up and get better!

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