Thursday, October 6, 2011


this will be the last of my posts about the pulau ketam trip. you can click on the following links to read pt.1pt.2, and pt.3

so on the island, it was super primitive and everything. in the distance, i spied a yellow signboard. and as we got closer to it i saw that it was a maybank atm!

never expected to see one in a place like this!

(ok totally exaggerating lol)

photobomb ; failpic 

are you sick of my antics yet? :P

these people sure have money!
my guess is that living on pulau ketam, they don't exactly have anywhere to spend their moolah, and so they just keep it in the atm.

tour guide (with the towel on his head) took us to see the place where they make boats. the boat behind him costs Rm600,000 and that's not even including the engine yet. with the engine it'd be well over Rm1,000,000.

dude i could buy a house and car with that amount of money, and still have some left over.

blocks of wood that they use in the boat-making process

bicycles for rent.

 i'm sure that some of you have never heard of this, fried ice cream!

there is an uncle selling it near the main jetty for Rm1.70 a piece, and his is the best i've ever eaten! ice cream in a thin doughy shell is kept in the freezer before he takes it out and plonks it into boiling oil for a few seconds.

the ice cream after it is fried, its shell golden brown and crispy!

i bit into it, oh!
sheer bliss!

would you LOOK at that! 

the purple of the yam ice cream matches my nail polish, heh. 

finally at 5.30pm, it was time for us to go home.

i was SO relieved when they announced that we would be leaving, as we'd arrived at 10am, which made it more than 7hours that we'd been on the island.
there were huge crowds of people lining up waiting for the ferry at the jetty, and we would have all turned into dinosaurs before it was our turn. 

so roy called up his friend who owns a speedboat to get us all back to port klang.

on the speedboat - sis, me, and mum.

the speedboat churned up the ocean in huge sprays as we sped along.


that's all for now guys! 

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  1. The fried ice cream looks damn good. wish i can get one of those here.