Monday, October 3, 2011


so here's the follow up from the pulau ketam trip from pt.1 and pt.2

we got to see the process of making dried shrimp.

all the shrimp!

shrimp left in the sun to dry.

then they are manually separated from their shells.

found two small crabs among the shrimp.

plus one more.

done with our visit, we continued on.

stone effigy at another temple.

phew, it was so, so hot! when we first stepped on the island at 10am, i had the impression that we were only gonna stick around a while, walk a bit and then leave but by now it was already 2pm and there was no sign of us leaving anytime soon.

the sun was simply blazing, beating its rays down onto us. and alas, poor, foolish me, who never thought of applying sunscreen, or taking along a hat or umbrella, i was simply roasted!

so i was really thankful when we stopped for a drink.

chunks of pineapple in ice water. a simple beverage, but trust me when i say that in the friggin heat, taking a sip is having like liquid heaven flowing down your throat.

sweaty, hot, me. 
nail polish from elianto btw in case anyone wants to know.

crystal and i

and another one of us:)

taking a picture on another bridge, cos i thought the background was nice.
why does my face look so fat?

the market.

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