Thursday, October 20, 2011


was looking at the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 poster.

i ran in last year's PBIM, at a distance of 10km, in less than an hour and twenty minutes.

my blood pumping, legs pounding, the adrenaline and sheer exhilaration i felt, at crossing the finish line, was indescribable. it was more than enough to spur me on to challenge me to outdo myself.

i was going to run this year's PBIM, in the 21km category.

but guess what?

my knees have given out on me. it's beyond frustrating that now, i can't run and push myself like i used to, because now it feels like i'm slowly dragging myself across burning shards of glass.

how it happened - i was running as usual, doing my normal routine of 8 x 650m laps, of which i'd complete four times a week. halfway through, i felt a slight pain in my right knee. thinking it'd go away, i ignored it and continued. one more lap on, and the pain was bad enough to force me to stop.

i thought it was a temporary thing, but it's been more than a month already, and the pain still persists whenever i (try to) run. walking is fine, it's only running that aggravates it and causes the pain to flare up.

therefore, i've opted out of joining this year's PBIM. it really disappoints me that i won't be able to fulfill my challenge towards myself, but unless i rest and give my knees a chance to recover, its likely that even more damage will occur. giving up running for a few months is better than battering on nonstop and hurting myself even more.

i'm so upset that i won't be able to join this year's PBIM. a whole year will go by before it comes round again.

i miss running so much. :(

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