Sunday, October 30, 2011


a few months ago, something i wanted really badly was a garmin pacer. 

a runner's best friend, packaged in one nifty little device. 
it tracks the distance of your run, calories burnt, time taken, heart rate, etc etc.

for a while back then, i was hunting around everywhere but i couldn't find it. recently, while idly flipping through the sports section of The Star, i came across an ad for it.

the first thing i thought was "wow, finally! and it's on sale!"
however, my eyes scanned further, and saw that it was a hefty Rm2k.

well that's a lot of money. 

and then i realized, well, what am i so upset about? 

even if i had the money to buy it, it's not like i'd even be able to go running any time soon!

on another note, woke up at 6am today just so i could get my exercise in - 10 x 650m laps *thumbs up*

i have to get up earlier to work out now seeing that as i can't run, i have to walk. which obviously takes a substantially longer time, and i don't want to still be outside when the sun starts beating its rays down in full force.

i miss running. :’(

i miss running, so badly.
knees, hurry up and get better!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


dear mum and dad,

i haven't always been a very good daughter. i'm impatient, i get angry easily, i'm unreasonable, and this list could go on and on. 

sometimes we argue and get mad at each other, but at the end of the day the both of you still try to give in to me and do your best to make sure that your daughter has the best.

i know i'm lucky to have both of you as my parents, who no matter what, strive to provide my siblings and i with the better things in life, who are there for us and are always concerned about our well being. and i appreciate that, even though i might not always portray that i do.

i know that it's a hefty task that you have in bringing us up, and you've sure done a good job. 

thank you for everything, although i'm well aware that those mere words will never be enough to acknowledge all that you've done for us.

it's inevitable that we are bound to bicker occasionally, and have our grouses with each other, but beneath all that, i want you to know that i love you both and am grateful for everything that you've taught me.

love, your daughter. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Thursday, October 20, 2011


was looking at the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 poster.

i ran in last year's PBIM, at a distance of 10km, in less than an hour and twenty minutes.

my blood pumping, legs pounding, the adrenaline and sheer exhilaration i felt, at crossing the finish line, was indescribable. it was more than enough to spur me on to challenge me to outdo myself.

i was going to run this year's PBIM, in the 21km category.

but guess what?

my knees have given out on me. it's beyond frustrating that now, i can't run and push myself like i used to, because now it feels like i'm slowly dragging myself across burning shards of glass.

how it happened - i was running as usual, doing my normal routine of 8 x 650m laps, of which i'd complete four times a week. halfway through, i felt a slight pain in my right knee. thinking it'd go away, i ignored it and continued. one more lap on, and the pain was bad enough to force me to stop.

i thought it was a temporary thing, but it's been more than a month already, and the pain still persists whenever i (try to) run. walking is fine, it's only running that aggravates it and causes the pain to flare up.

therefore, i've opted out of joining this year's PBIM. it really disappoints me that i won't be able to fulfill my challenge towards myself, but unless i rest and give my knees a chance to recover, its likely that even more damage will occur. giving up running for a few months is better than battering on nonstop and hurting myself even more.

i'm so upset that i won't be able to join this year's PBIM. a whole year will go by before it comes round again.

i miss running so much. :(

Monday, October 17, 2011


today, the trending story on the home page of is about a toddler who'd been run over twice (twice!) for several minutes, she was lying in her own quicky widening pool of blood, gasping for air and no one even bothered to help her.

the video is extremely gruesome and graphic, and i'd rather you not watch it if you are emotionally vulnerable.

this appalls me to no end. i am absolutely volcanaic with anger and disappointment! the truck drivers, all those apathetic passersby, who saw a helpless child in desperate need of help, yet not one of them bothered.

what on earth has humanity deteriorated to?

as a fellow human being who knows what it is like to hurt, to suffer, how could they ignore the urgent plea for mercy? HOW COULD THEY?

in the video at 0:34, a mother walked past with her child, and all she did was cast a fleeting glance in the hurt toddler's direction, before mildly walking off. did she never consider ; what if it were her child in the same situation?

doctors at the hospital state that the girl is unlikely to survive, having experienced severe physical damage beyond repair of any technology or medicines.

when interviewed, the lorry drivers say that they 'did not realize that they had collided with anything.' lies, outrageous lies! not realize that he'd collided with anything? REALLY?

at the end, it was a garbage collector, a person with a status scorned and despised by many, who finally took action to come to the aid of the injured victim. this just shows how imbalanced the scale of society is - while the majority would consider themselves to more highly equipped in morals and principles, it took an old, frail woman, a garbage collector no less, to put them to shame.

some might cite an infamous incident in 2006 when a person who helped an accident victim, was sued by the victim when the woman regained consiousness, and then ordered by the courts to pay up a compensation, but i beg to differ. those people could have called an ambulance, put a barrier around her to divert traffic, anything!

instead of callously feigning indifference.

see, even the animals know better.


Friday, October 14, 2011


so after what seems like donkey years, i'm finally blogging about the community day organized by kingsley international school.

the event was held on the 20th of august (yes, that long ago) and the purpose of it was to raise funds for charity.

with jay. 
he's the person who acted as our go between with the koreans as he speaks decent english, having lived in the states for a few years as a teen.

the kingsley lane was filled with stalls which were handled by parents of the students.

some pretty cupcakes. i wanted to hang around and take more pictures, but decided against it because as you can see, it was so so packed and everyone was very squashed up against each other.

my year4 students and i - zafira and judith, who's 1/4 chindian.
judith is so pretty! 

year1 and year2 students dressed up in fancy costumes.

so cute!

shyvonne and i, 19years of friendship and counting ; we've been friends since we were babies. :)

that's cause our parents are friends from way back, so when we were born (we're both the same age) they'd just leave us to play with each other while they would catch up over coffee.

year4s performing on stage.

man, would you just LOOK at all those cameras?

some of the older korean girls, this picture was taken right before their performance, which explains the matching outfits.

korean students from year3 and year4 - irene, sally, ted (jae won), jimmy (ji won), sam, and ernest.

sally and i.

then, my camera's battery died, leaving me to resort to using my phone. so all the pictures from this point on are taken with my phone, excuse the sub-par quality.

gratuitous picture of myself.

at the community day, they also had a blood donation drive as part of the event. if you recall, i said in an earlier post that i would take this opportunity to donate my blood, so i went for it.

potential blood donors getting the all clear before proceeding. 

i was so excited!

took the form they handed me, read through all the requirements.

yup, i'm good!

took this picture while waiting in line to have my blood checked.

at last, it was my turn! the guy pricked my index finger with a needle to get the blood to flow out so that they could determine my blood type.

the two drops of blood on the bottom are mine.

and i'm type AB.

so i went through the processing of vital stats, etc, when suddenly, the guy exclaimed "oh no, eh you tak boleh derma lah!"

and i was like "WHAT? WHY?"

turns out i had low haemoglobin/oxygen levels in my blood (minimum was 12.5g per litre, mine was about 11g per litre) and i was also deficient in iron. what on earth? i'd always perceived myself to be this strong, healthy, person who'd pass any health test with flying colours, so the screening certainly surprised me.

hence, i was unable to donate blood, because they wouldn't let me. they said that i'd faint, turn blue in the face, or have difficulties seeing straight, etc. if i did so.

aww darn. D:

my friend eunice, who came together with me to lend support and also donate blood. look at her happily donating hers! hmmph jealous. >:(

eunice's blood.

the medics busily categorizing and storing the donated blood for future distribution.


as i had to rush off early, i didn't stick around til the end of the event. however, i really enjoyed working at kingsley, where every day was a new experience. they say that teachers are there to teach ; but there is also a wealth of wisdom to be absorbed from young minds.

i told them that i'd be likely to return to work next year, and i really hope that i'll be able to do so. 
kingsley international, thank you for all that you've done for me! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Monday, October 10, 2011


alright, so i shared the story of how i got my name in the previous post with you. but how did i come to acquire the name  Cheryl, which i now commonly go by?

the year before i entered high school, i started playing basketball at the park near my house. at the time, there was a group of boys who would consistently play there as well, nearly every day. and so we became acquaintances. 

one day, we were introducing ourselves properly to each other. before that, we only called each other "eh", "wei", "you", or "ball!" (if they were holding the basketball.) they told me their names, then asked me what mine was.

i said, "Cherish."

they looked at each other uncomprehendingly, then said "oh, Cheryl, i see."

i tried again "not Cheryl, Cherish."

and they were "ahh, ok, Cheryl."

me - "it's CHERISH."

they - "alright, Cheryl. got it."

so Cheryl was the name i went by, for those boys. the next year, i entered high school, which was the same school as the lot of them. still in Form1, i didn't really socialise much with my classmates as i had yet to get to know them well.

i'd see the group of boys around, and they'd go 
"hey, Cheryl! hi!"

it stuck, and so there you go.
now you know.


Saturday, October 8, 2011


for some of you who have been following this blog for a while now, you would know that my original blog link was

however, i switched to a couple months ago.

firstly, my birth name is really Cherish, not Cheryl. whenever i tell someone my birth name, they usually exclaim "really? wow, so why is your name so special?"

so i'd like to share with you how i was given this name. 

when my mother was pregnant with me, the ultrasound scans showed normal pregnancy and that the baby (me) was healthy. a green light was given for me to be born via normal procedure and so on the big day, my mum went into labour.

however, she was in labour for more than 8 hours, which was very unusual. doctors were worried that it might cause too much stress for the baby, and also endanger my mum's physical state, so it was decided that i would be delivered through cesarean operation.

when doctors operated and took me out, it was discovered that my mum had tumors in her ovaries, which had gone undetected even during the scans. so if not for my birth, it would have been possible that the tumors would have stayed there and increased in growth. as such, the tumors were already in their progressed stages. upon seeing those tumors, the doctors were able to successfully remove them and prevent any harm or to my mum which she would have inevitably faced later.

hence, my name, 
- to protect and care lovingly ; to hold something dear.