Friday, September 16, 2011


as a follow up to my previous post, i wanted to come up with a longass, picture filled post about my trip. however i've been crazy busy lately. which is good and bad, i guess. good in the sense that i have seriously, a MOUNTAIN of bloggable material, with pictures piled up and stories to share. the bad? not having the time to do so.

well but i suppose that you guys will be entertained for at least a month with all the posts i'd be able to come up with. when i find the time to blog properly, i will!


so i shall talk about my week. i'm in a very chatty mood now you see, having been away for so long.

monday - woke up at 6.30am to go running, then college from 10-6pm.

tuesday - classmates took me to pyramid to celebrate my birthday, came home, went running, then tackled assignments.

wednesday - my birthday! unfortunately it rained the whole damn day, plus my family was busy, so we didn't celebrate it. plus i stayed up burning the midnight oil to finish two assignments which were due the next day.

thursday - college, then at night had birthday dinner with my family. :)

friday - went running in the early morning, then primped up to go grand dorsett hotel for cousin's graduation from trinity. both our families went for lunch after that, and so happened blook was having a clearance sale! the sale was SERIOUS yo, dresses, tops, bottoms for as low as rm5! i bought a really nice bag, and wanted to shift through the clothes a bit more (i saw a really gorgeous dress for rm25!) but there wasn't any time to try anything on, so i didn't wanna risk it. :( then at night we had a steamboat dinner with my church members.

saturday (today) - i wanted to get cracking with assignments - two are due in 5 days time. but retail therapy first, i'm heading out to go shopping! (i shall check if that dress is still there, however i doubt so) 

i miss blogging, hopefully things will settle down soon and allow me to return!

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