Sunday, September 25, 2011


yesterday, i caught a movie at subang parade's newly opened MBO cinema.

when i first knew that there was gonna be a cinema opening in parade, i was pretty excited! however, all those expectations fell short as i was rather disappointed. 

the first thing i have to mention, are the prices. isn't MBO supposed to be like, some small scale cinema? and subsequently, shouldn't their prices be cheaper? apparently not, as i forked out rm12 for my ticket, almost double the price of a ticket at GSC.

the next complaint i have, is when i walked into the cinema, i noticed it was FREEZING COLD. like seriously, it was so cold that my friends and i had turned into icicles at the end of the movie. there were even goosebumps on my legs, and y'all know how uncommon it is to get goosebumps there.

anyway, on with the review. 


the movie that we watched was abduction 

"the fight for the truth will be the fight of his life"

"what if your whole life was a lie?"

the taglines, which attempt to be serious, comes off instead as majorly cliched, considering how flimsy and perforated with holes the plot is. also, other movies in the past have used similar taglines. 

pfft, can you say UNORIGINAL?

taylor lautner stars as nathan harper, an regular teenage boy, albeit one dealing with anger management issues.

he discovers that he is adopted, and his real father is a special agent who stole some classified information from one of the biggest bad guys around. 

now, the baddies want the information back, and in order to wrangle it out of the hands of the CIA, they plan to capture nathan and use him as their bargaining chip to get what they want. and so the cat and mouse game that the storyline of this movie is based on begins - with nathan on the run, taking along the very attractive Karen (lily collins) because she claims "my parents are not home, who's gonna protect me?"

throughout the movie, we just see nathan and karen running, running, and running. 

some redeeming points in the movie were of course, the eye candy. 

looking spiffy riding on his bike in shades and a leather jacket.

displaying his infamously ripped body.

so while everyone already knows that taylor lautner is a hottie, lily collins is not too shabby either, with huge melting brown eyes, long gorgeous cascading curls, and a figure to die for.

so adorable.

however in my opinion, her role is of no substance apart from providing the guys in the audience some eye candy so that they don't get bored. true enough, every time her face came on screen, instead of slouching in their seats, they would suddenly zap to life and pay more attention.

another plus in this movie would be the fight scenes. they are hard and fast, with major rushes of testosterone and adrenaline. 

taylor can certainly throw some punches around!

my rating on this?


this movie was already pathetically unappealing, and without taylor lautner and lily collins, it would have been even more so.

if your sole purpose of watching a movie is to merely ogle at two beautiful human specimens, then way to go. however, if you desire to engage in something that actually engages the mind by being interesting and has a good plot, i suggest you stay away, far FAR away.

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