Thursday, September 1, 2011


so in between those where-i-went, what-i-did posts, here's some pictures from around.

attended a concert at bentley auditorium two weeks ago. when it was over i peeked into one of the practice rooms and saw this cello. 

wow, cellos are um, pretty big.


last week, my class went on a field trip to astro. i thought it would be boring, like a visit to an office, but it was actually pretty fun and enlightening! we got to see huge rooms with many different channels playing on what must've been a thousand tvs screens from ceiling to floor.

i wasn't actually aware that radio stations owned by astro are also located within the building, and they record from there. astro owns as well, and when the guide showed us their studio we were pretty disappointed that there weren't any well known radio hosts in there (jj, ean, adam, etc)

however, we went round the corner, and there they were sitting on the tables, swinging their legs as they chatted. they called us over, and even though we were strangers, they totally warmed to us and made us feel so comfortable with them. they were so nice and friendly and funny!

with jj and ean. they recorded me on air and played it the very next day! :D

signed records from artistes to whom has played host to in the past.

meow meow dolls.


call it a crazy combination, but banana kaya oatmeal is absolutely yummy!

if you've never tried it, then you totally should!


got myself some new bling.

goldfish ring - asian avenue
bracelet - forever21


a quick bite at chili's

as you can see, it's all side dishes. we were in a rush that day, and didn't feel like gobbling up a full meal.


if you follow my blog regularly, you'd know that i've been very passionate about running for some time now. as a result, i've been totally battering my running shoes. they've served me for almost two years now, and i decided that it was time to get some new kicks.

so, after a month of scouting around, here they are. i'm so happy because i got them at an unbelievable discount! got this pair at al-ikhsan in parade, i saw other shops selling the same pair for almost 50% more of what i paid.

plus the guy was so nice, he gave me freebies! these freebies are actually for customers who purchase the more expensive items, but i suppose he was in a good mood at that time. and he didn't give me just one, but two things! 

shoe bag and a bottle. i actually wanted that bottle in green cos it looks nicer, but i was like "oh well, it's free, given to me out of the goodwill of others so i shouldn't be picky!" and just accepted it.
 it might not be obvious in this picture but they're of really really good quality.

ending this post with a totally fail picture of which i was tagged on facebook.


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