Tuesday, September 20, 2011


at long last, i've finally gotten round to blogging about pulau ketam. 

the trip was organized by one of my church members, roy, who was born and bred there. the day started off with us meeting in church, then driving to port klang, where we took the 9am ferry to our destination. 

crystal squinting cos of the sun.
i'm so glad she came along, i had someone to talk to the whole trip. :)

walking along the bridge to the jetty. 

boarding the ferry.

sis and i.
stupid pimple on my cheek.

mum and bro.

once we got there, roy had everything planned out for us, which included getting a tour guide to take us around. 

our guide was from the local high school. so, this is how they earn pocket money during the holidays.
their school shirt is so cute with the crab on the back!

hence, we began our trek on foot through the island.

town hall and a basketball court.

saw this mean cat which hissed and spat at me.

at 10.30am, it was decided that it was breakfast time!

nom nom nom

mum and dad

there were two options that were offered to us. 
first, the curry mee.

curry mee with see ham, tofu, fishcakes, eggs, taugeh, foo chuk, and erm.. i don't know what else. plus prawn sambal on the side.

second option was rice, which was what i had.

rice with char siew, curry chicken and potatoes, see ham, eggs, ikan bilis, and some shrimp. good stuff.

there was more shrimp as a side dish to complement our meal. :D 
yum in the tum!

found this tiny crab of microscopic proportions in my food. 

there it is next to some grains of rice. so miniscule!

on pulau ketam, the main mode of transportation is bicycles. everywhere we walked that day, there would be the constant ringing of bells, then we would have to hop it in order for them to pass.

a dad ferrying two of his kids on a bike, how adorable. :)

alright, i shall stop here. will continue blogging about the trip in subsequent posts as there are too many pictures. 

as for now, it is time for me to get some shuteye.

nights, people!

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  1. Been here a couple of times and you bet the seafood is simply yummy and can order many different types too.