Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 continuing where i left off from the  previous post about the pulau ketam trip.

after our brekkie, we continued walking on.

pretty flower

taken in my canon ixus's colour accent mode

brother blowing bubbles

one of the temples that we saw. pulau ketam consists of a dominantly buddhist / taoist population, so there were many many temples there.

so much rubbish! i tell you, it shouldn't be called 'crab island', but instead, 'CRAP island' because, the whole island is literally full of crap!

they don't have any dustbins on the island because guess what, they just treat the whole island as a huge dumpsite. we went to a restaurant to eat and when we were done, the lady just took our plates and flung the leftovers out the window!

crossing a bridge.

group photo :)

view from the bridge. looks idyllic and serene yes? but don't be fooled.

the water's so oily and dirty, the fish are floating belly up. 

crabs and mudskippers.

shall continue this post, need to head to bed now! 

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  1. Crap island. ROFL! Hey, they still got crabs there, gotta give them credits for tat. haha