Sunday, September 4, 2011


went on a trip to batu caves with the koreans when i was still working in kingsley. a funny error of communication occurred when the person in charge told me that we were meeting at carrefour, so i went to carrefour at ss16.

however, at the said time there was nobody to be seen. he called me and said "where are you? we're all here already!" and i was "yeah i'm waiting, where are you guys?"

it turned out that he was referring to carrefour within usj19 mall.

anyway, they had to pass by ss16 to get to the federal highway so it was ok. took us about half an hour, and we were there!

batu caves!

some of the younger korean boys.

jimmy (ji won), whom i think is the cutest one among them. he was in my class!

peacock feather.

then, we started our ascent. somebody brought along bags of peanuts to feed the many monkeys that ply the stairs up to the top.

monkey eating the peanuts. 

a big alpha male monkey

as we started our climb up, the kids kept throwing peanuts to the monkeys. this however, proved to be a bad idea as other monkeys came around to grab some as well. soon, we had a whole group of monkeys following us, and even tried to snatch things from our group. they got pretty aggressive, which was scary!

as a result, everyone freaked out, dumped all the nuts on the ground, and practically ran up the 300 steps of stairs!

scurrying up the steps to get away from the monkeys at the bottom which were screaming and fighting over the nuts.

after a while, we reached the top!

doesn't that view just make you go wow?

in case you're wondering why so many of the koreans are wearing tshirts with "yoon's" printed on it, it's cause this exchange programme was organized with the help of yoon's english center in korea.

we wandered around the caves at the top for a while, there were a couple of hindu temples up there.

a waterspout.

the woman carrying a handbag in the above picture is a mum to one of the kids, she climbed all the way up the stairs in her heels!

the korean mums are super fashionable and take very good care of their looks! sometimes in the mornings they send their kids to off school, and (at 7am) i'd be still all groggy, half asleep and bleary eyed. but they would be already meticulously dolled up, hair, makeup, shoes, clothes, the works. and i'd be like (in my head) "do they  wake up at 5am to get ready?"

oil lamps. 

burning ashes.

so interesting!

footprints that were left by an animal which must've stepped in the cement when it was still wet.

after looking around, it was time to go.

view from the top.

300 steps later, we were at the bottom.



we went to pyramid after that for lunch and to shop around. i played guide to some of the korean girls, they were super enthusiastic to shop and we were running around from store to store like mad women so i didn't really take many pictures.

except this one with sally, a girl from year 3.

after pyramid, we headed to the director's house for dinner!

his house. isn't it nice?

me with some of the older students. not koreans, they're local, about 15-16 years old.

my kids in year 3 and 4 call me 'teacher', which doesn't seem that weird cos they're so young. but it felt really funny when the 16 year olds called me teacher as well. i was like "guys i'm only like 2 years older yknow"

just what everyone needed, being famished after such a long day.

a group picture to end the day :)

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