Wednesday, August 3, 2011


watzup :)

been crazy busy , enjoying the hols like a boss. running, eating, sleeping, shopping, and so the cycle repeats. 

lol at my sis in the background.

turquoise nails and silver ring, hearts. 

went to empire. i like their hugeass mirrors in the toilets.

outfit of the day

top - asian avenue (sister's)
floral skorts - padini (sister's)
belt - F.O.S., Rm11
necklace - diva australia, Rm15
bag - times square, Rm27
striped wedges - parade, Rm37.

coincidentally, there was a bazaar at empire on the same day, so we took the opportunity to check it out. various knickknacks, unique one-of-a-kind pieces, hidden treasures, oh how i love bazaars. :)

loads of accessories.

delectable treats to satiate a sweet tooth.

angry bird stuffed toys. very impractical, but how cute.

rings are all the rage now.

look, mentos sweets? 
think again.

they're actually hairclips!

chic and stylish hats at very reasonable prices.

essential oils, soaps, and bath salts.


after that, it was time to go home.

while waiting for my mum to pay for the parking ticket, i took some pictures with nicole.

even though i look crappy here, i just had to post this because she looks so cute. 

i made her take a few pictures more in attempt to get a decent looking one.

lying her head down because she got tired of taking pictures. 

my mum with nicole.

wanna see my buys from the bazaar?

rose earrings, Rm5

dreamcatcher earrings, Rm10
i'm totally in love with these.

so pretty!

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