Monday, August 8, 2011


quick summary of my who-what-where's in point form, because i wanna go to bed and keep this short.

  • right now, i'm working as an assistant at an international school.

  • i got my results for the past semester back. while not stellar, they were acceptable. at least i maintained my position on the dean's list.

  • i've been running loads lately. so much so, that i think i've overworked myself and my right ankle. it hurts. :/ which reminds me of this picture, haha.
  • which also reminds me, i need new running shoes. saw a pair at studio R the other day, i think i'll be getting them soon.

    you can read about it here and here. then, i ran in the 10km category. however, for the penang bridge international marathon 2011, i've decided to run the half marathon category, a distance of 21km. (there, now i've announced it to the world, i'll HAVE to do it. backing out of this will not be an option!)
    • i wanna go shopping. i haven't gone since the week before last. 
    • i wanna eat red velvet cake!
    i've never eaten it before in my life! there's a few shops selling it at empire, but not all have good reviews. a friend introduced me to the upstairs cafe, and said that it sells the best red velvet cake there is. i wanna try! anyone wanna come with me? 

    plenty more but i'm tired already. it's 12.45am and i have to wake up in 6 hours to get ready for work.
    so, toodles.

    give this a listen. 

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