Friday, August 12, 2011


been updating infrequently lately ; this is what my daily schedule looks like

0630 - wake up, brush teeth, shower, eat breakfast
0730 - head to work
1530 - get home, eat lunch, chill a while, nap
1800 - go for my usual run, cool down, stretch
2000 - come home, shower, eat dinner, watch some tv / read newspaper / surf the net / etc
2330 - sleep

yeah so this is what i've been doing for the past one and a half weeks, which is why i don't really have time to blog. 

in reference to my job, there are so many knee slappingly funny things that the kids do, but here is an incident in point.

two boys shared a bar of chocolate, then put the wrapper on the table, where it dropped onto the floor. upon seeing this, i told one of them to go pick it up and throw it away. however, the kid told me that his friend had eaten it too, and refused to throw it away. i asked again that he do so, but he wouldn't as he also wanted the other boy to be responsible. finally, they tore the wrapper in half, each boy merrily threw away half, and so the problem was peacefully solved. :D

ok i wanted to tell you more storie but i'm heading out now on a trip with the kids this beautiful saturday morning. we're going to have breakfast in seoul palace in subang parade (or is it carrefour? not sure) and head to batu caves, then to sunway pyramid, then go for barbeque at the principal's house.
seriously guys,

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