Tuesday, August 23, 2011


i know my blog has been sorely lacking in personal posts and pictures, which used to be spread so thickly throughout that you could barely find any text. but now my blog has become more 'wordy', as i usually don't upload my pictures right after i take a few because i normally wait for them to accumulate up to a substantial amount before deciding that it is worthy of my time to transfer them to the computer.

remember these?

i used to eat them when i was about 5 years old. my mum would promise them to me as rewards for certain things - being quiet in church, playing nicely with my cousins, etc. then, i could have as much of these dear little biscuits as one of my chubby little fists could hold. on the occasions when i got these, i would sit quietly and pop them one by one into my mouth, trying to make this sweet treat last as long as possible.

but things change, people change. what you were so sure of one day, could vanish the next, replaced with something you are even more determined about, only to probably be replaced with something else as well. 

like good results for pmr, then spm, then a degree. like a boyfriend, a fiance, a wedding ring. a handphone, then a car, then your own house.

like these sugar biscuits.
well, that's life. :)

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