Tuesday, August 16, 2011


so sick and tired. 

had flu today, my nose was acting like a leaky faucet and i was sneezing my head off. so the kids had a great time stepping all over me as i was too worn out and frazzled to run around in circles after them. came home at 3pm, then napped til 7pm. i wanted to blog about stuff (complete with pictures!) but i'm simply too exhausted and not in the mood for it now. 

have patience. soon, soon.

at the moment, my head's filled with plans for this saturday. there are so many things on my agenda that i'm gonna list them out here one by one to sorta help me see them clearly. here's the activities lined up for me, in no particular order.

  • church clean up
  • gym
  • kingsley international school community day
  • chic pop bazaar @ jaya one
  • attend a friend's birthday dinner @ nandos jaya one
  • play in the concert at bentley studio 
  • dinner at chili's empire with high school classmates

attending all is out of the question, so the problem is, which ones do i pick? 

argh! decisions decisions, so hard to decide!
gar gar gar!

so tired, still suffering from the detested flu while blogging here. 

it's now 9pm, i shall watch some tv then call it an early night, then i'm gonna bust my ass at the gym tomorrow.

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