Saturday, August 6, 2011


yumcha session last week with high school friends.

foo lin, jenna, wen jinn.
of the three people in this picture, i'd say foo lin has changed the most, and for the better.

i remember how he used to come to tuition wearing holey shirts and baggy pants, looking more like he was going to bed rather than coming to a centre of enlightenment to partake of information about neutrons, physics theories, and various chemical processes.

how he'd walk into class empty handed, and then demand to borrow stationary from me.

how he'd balk at paying more than rm30 for a shirt.

how he would always argue with me about how useless and helpless females were, and that guys were the ones who did all the hard work while we just sat around folding clothes or fiddling about in the kitchen. (sexist!)

but now, he wears presentable looking polo tees (branded, i suspect), drives a big car, sports an expensive watch, and works out in the gym. 
oh, and he has a girlfriend! what is more, she's quite a good catch! 

way to go, foo lin. (Y)

card games dominated our activities of the night.

also, it was open mic night at station one, and the singer that night was GOOD, with a voice as warm and rich as caramel, husky and low, just the way i like. 

have i ever mentioned i love songs from the eighties? 

where frank sinatra, don mclean, eric clapton, ruled the roost, when music was REAL, with meaningful, beautiful, lyrics. 
music which speaks to you right through to the very depths of your soul, so true that it moves you to tears.

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