Friday, July 22, 2011


today when i woke up at 10ish, i had a meal of a slice of wholegrain bread plus a plate of cabbage, long beans, and bokchoy, then went to college to meet some classmates to discuss our work.

didn't have anything to eat in college as we were totally busy discussing our stuff, having loads of fun gossiping and later browsing through boutiques.

when i came home around 5, there was nothing to eat as lunch had already been eaten and nobody eats dinner that early, so i just went to my room to nap.

i just woke up a while ago at 8pm, and omigawd i tell you the feeling of gastric juices eating away at an empty stomach is ABSOLUTELY EXCRUCIATING.

i'm sitting curled up in a fetal position, rocking my body in anguish, trying to diminish the pain.

i haven't experience this in a long, long while (8 years to be exact) so i'd forgotten how crap it was. right now, it feels like there's a frenzied, raging wildcat, mad with fury and trying to claw out the innards of my belly.


this hurts. :(

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