Wednesday, July 20, 2011


finals have ended, thank the lord!

so i know some people would be wanting pictures of whatnot i have been engaged with lately but gimme a break will ya, i just got off the train (lol that was an odd metaphor) and i wanna catch my breath first!

spent today rolling around in bed, watching so much tv i swear my brain has been numbed from all the rays, and running!

hallelujah for the holidays!

here's what i'm looking forward to :

  • having as much time to play sports and work out as i want!
  • sleeping in!
  • reading :)
  • surfing the net endlessly (ok so i do this even during the non-holiday period..whatever)
  • meetups with friends! (also do this during non-holiday period, but i hope to do so even more in the coming days)
  • shopping!
  • long leisurely chats and bonding time with the bestie. have been practically ignoring her this semester.

might be going for frisbee tomorrow night with timmy, timo, yungtyng, rachel, mingy, ian and alex! can't wait! :)

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