Saturday, July 23, 2011


i declare, that i am helplessly, irrevocably, in love with nike's line of their women's running shorts. 

want want want!! all of them!

sadly i am not rich, so i only got myself this one pair a few days ago.

i'm so in love with the colour. look at how it just pops at you?
love it!

ok but seriously i need to get a grip and stop buying running shorts already. i have 3 pairs and i suppose i just have to make do with those. i really like the shorts from all the different brands (reebok, adidas, nike, mizuno, etc) but they are so, so expensive! shall refrain from buying any more shorts until the end of this year. that is, unless they are going for a really really super worth it price, then maybe i would make an exception. 

will update about Jog for Hope in my next post, tata.

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