Thursday, July 14, 2011


went out with the crazies today. :)

the group of us (rachel, angie, iishan, mingy, ian, and timo) met up at 1u.

toilet break = girl time!

unevitable camwhoring. :)

we didn't quite know what to do as not all of us were up for a movie, so in the end we went to chili's and got an order of bottomless tostada chips.

bottomless tostada chips with queso sauce. queso sauce is basically a beef and cheese sauce. while i agree that it is rather appetizing, the damn sauce costs rm9.



i told mingy "y'know, the sauce itself costs rm9, so you'd better hold it in reverence."

mingy, ian, iishan, angie, timo and rachel.
minus me the photographer, tsk.


we went to the park in front of mingy's house after that to play frisbee. this was my first time playing properly, and it was fun!

mingy in the foreground ; some kid in the background.

iishan, rachel, angie.

us girls.

me kacau-ing mingy on the phone.

rachel and mingy.

i know it doesn't look like it, but we actually got quite a bit of exercise in with the frisbee since we were there from 4.30-7pm! it just doesn't seem that way because i didn't really take pictures.

yuen came by as well after that.

yuenyuen and i.

i was really tickled at something in the picture below, see how hard i'm smiling by looking at my cheeks?

rachel and i.
we were all sweaty from frisbee.

mingy and rachel playing around on the parallel bars.

laughing because they fell off. 

headed to murni's after that for dinner.

rachel's roti hawaii.

iishan fetched me home after our long day out, and i'm exhausted.
now, to work on my research presentation for tomorrow!

but not without ending this post with my favourite picture of the day!

photobomb by iishan!! :D

i'm beat yo.
over and out.

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