Monday, July 11, 2011


why hello there my lovelies. ;)

dinner with friends, some time ago.


had only 4 hours of sleep yesterday, college today morning, then spent the rest of the day out. only got back at 9pm-ish, then crashed. up now at 4.23am, and here i am making use of the spare time to blog.

was at pyramid today with weiwei, so here's what i picked up. i haven't shopped, as in really really shopped for so long, so i'm pretty pleased with what i got.

so, are you guys ready to see my buys?
*bounces with glee*

1. Maxi dress from Fblock, RM43

actually i've seen and tried on this dress before at another boutique, but that other place only had it in black / white. i think this colour is much nicer! :)

2. Earrings from Zing, RM3

the have a huge array to choose from, 3 pcs for RM10, but i didn't see any others which i particularly liked, so i just got this one pair. they look like sweets, so cute.

3. Belt from Dorothy Perkins, RM33

i've been looking for a belt like this for some time. 

4. Belt from Daiso, RM5

so there i was with one belt already in my shopping bag, when weiwei and i stopped by at daiso to get some college supplies. saw this one, and for the price it's going at, i think it's not bad. the colour is actually very dark brown, just that it looks black in this picture

so it's now 4.44am and i'll be going running in a while. i was pretty ticked today that i couldn't find the running shorts i wanted in pyramid. they look like this

saw them at midvalley the other time, and they cost rm77 after being marked down 30% from their original price of rm110 (yes expensive i know! but that's the price range of running shorts in general.) 

today i hunted around, but all the places didn't have nice colours and what's more, they were selling them at full price. >:(

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