Saturday, July 9, 2011


i had got not a wink of sleep the previous night, had a test that morning at 8am, then spent the whole day at PJ having a much needed catchup with friends. at 7pm, i went to the KJ lrt to wait for the bus as i was due for another appointment. for 2 hours the clock ticked by, the bus was a no show, my appointment was delayed, and patience went down the drain.

i stormed off to take the lrt to sentral.

me : does the train on this side of the platform go to KL sentral?
random guy : erm.. i guess so?
me : you guess so? you'd better KNOW so.


alright, i realize that it was not polite to talk in such a brusque manner to a complete stranger, but daymn i was pissed. 

hey there, malaysian government, don't you realize that by taking such a step you are only making the people even more enraged at you?

the government tells Bersih that they can go ahead and have the rally, but the head of police says no to authorization of the planned site for the rally, and all the government does is shake its head and say that their hands are tied? dude do you think we are stupid? if the government really was OK with the rally, there wouldn't be a problem with the police. after all, aren't the police still, ultimately under the government?

and setting up road blocks will achieve.. what? precisely. NOTHING, that's what you will achieve. people will just get madder at your thoughtlessness. you have not shown yourself in a favourable light or capable of making an intelligent, diplomatic decision in this matter. we might be a little rattled at the inconvenience of getting stuck in the traffic, but the bottom line is, this will only get those who are already against the government to be even stronger in their stand, and probably get some of the others who were originally sitting on the fence to join the naysayers.

when i'm 21, i'll be voting for the opposition.

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