Wednesday, July 20, 2011


hello guys!


This is very similar to the place I run. :3

 sometimes, there are gems of inspiration hidden in even in the most mundane of situations, you just have to know where to look. i have an interesting story to share today. this happened some time ago, but i didn't blog about it as i just didn't have the time and couldn't be bothered to put things into words.


so i was out running, at 5.30ish in the morning. i usually run 7 laps around my park. however, on that day, i had only done 2 laps and it started raining. i took shelter at one of the small huts around my park, hoping that the rain would peter out soon and i would be able to continue my run.

however, the rain built up even more in intensity, coming down in huge torrents, the wind howling in stinging gusts. clad in only my running shorts and a light tank top, i shivered in the cold, frowning at how shitty things had to get at this particular time, just when i wanted a good early morning run. 

huddled up with my knees to my chest and my arms hugging myself in a puny attempt to keep myself warm, mulling over my misfortune, half daydreaming because it was so cold and i was so sleepy. i was sitting at the edge of the hut, looking outwards, when i noticed something interesting.

the rainwater was dripping down from the roof, and each individual trickle of water was falling in the same place. i noticed that there were actually holes in the concrete floor where each trickle of water fell, which must have been the result of this small but constant force over the years. 

its incredible what the sheer power of perseverance can achieve.


you don't have to be particularly strong, smart, or fast. you don't have to be great or outstanding, you don't have to be equipped with the best resources or manpower. 

even if you're the smallest, or the slowest, as long as you have what it takes to start, and do not stop, you will get there. 

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