Monday, July 25, 2011


i actually didn't plan on blogging today since i'd already updated yesterday, so i was just scrolling through tumblr leisurely looking at all the awesome pictures.

then i saw this.

7 laps of running, 3 laps of interval sprinting ftw. ♥


oh yeah, i just went through my comments on blogger (something i do once in a while) and i noticed that there has been some anonymous loser(s) who's been going through my blog and making nasty comments on individual posts here and there, some of which date as far back as the month of may last year. 
oh puhlease
*rolls eyes*

thanks for paying so much attention to me, to the extent that you took the trouble to go through so many of my posts, so far back, just for the sake of making petty statements! i didn't know i mattered so much you! 
do continue your mindless spam, i find it rather entertaining.
you dislike me? for speaking out on my views and experiences in my life, for having the honesty to be frank about things? well just so you know, i'd rather be the person i am and disliked by you (and well that's not a huge deal that i would run home bawling about), compared to apathetically sitting on the wall and people not acknowledging my existence, or even liked for being something that i am not. 

i am definitely NOT the type of person to care about what others think, regardless of how aggressive they might be or how mean they might get. and i certainly don't care what you think of me, but hey, it's flattering to know that me just going about living my daily life would have such an effect on you.

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