Sunday, July 3, 2011


how long have i been missing from the blogosphere. its been..its don't say it! four days? gasp!
*hides face in shame*

awright exaggeration over. but to be fair, i DO have good reason for my lack of updates. this week is the last week of classes, and right now, i'm faced with a tidal wave of assignments and tests crashing down on me. 5 assignments and 2 tests are due this week, man. 

but right now i've found a pocket of time to blog, and so here i am.

girls, lend me your ears and listen hard to what i have to say, because it is very important.
guys, you don't get off the hook either. listen equally as hard, and tell this to all your girlfriends / sisters /  cousins / classmates /  any females who are within your vicinity.

alright, it's a known fact that we females are immensely meticulous about hair on all parts of our body, and we spend lots of time and money grooming ourselves. ask any respectable female, and she is likely to concur that the following is true.


#1 we buy expensive shampoos to make our tresses shiny and soft

people, people, don't get distracted. 

we are talking about HAIR in this post, not what you're focusing on right now. 
(and ok don't even TRY to cover up and tell me that you weren't looking where you were looking!)
 the hair is up there *points* you know, up on her head. so kindly raise your gaze from where it probably is at the present.

the consequences of not taking care of your locks - bad hair days.

you don't want to end up grumpy and angry like this kitty cat!

#2 we tweeze our brows 

we go for tweezing services to maintain the shape of our brows and make sure they don't get too bushy and overgrown.

unless you want to end up with a unibrow.

#3 we wax our arms and legs to keep them smooth and hair free

because like seriously, who the hell wants hairy legs / arms when we wear short skirts / pants and sleeveless tops so frequently in our balmy malaysian weather?

since our legs make up such a big percentage of our total person, this is very important. i admit it, the first thing i do when gauging the attractiveness of another girl, is look at her legs. 

what's the point of dolling up, getting your hair and makeup done, wearing a designer dress, expensive jewellery and kickass shoes, when everyone's blinded by the sheer amount of hair on your legs?

what you get when you don't wax / shave.

#4 we wax our underarms

with the same logic as #3, who wants a hairy bush protruding from out under their armpits?

why is this girl posing so suggestively with such a come-hither smile? girl, you might have a smile that can light up this whole town (quote : taylor swift), but you ain't getting no guy with armpits like those. for goodness sake, wax!

#5 we even take care of our nether regions!!

complete with a menu of all sorts for you to choose which brazilian you want!

heart attack, landing strip, mohawk? take your pick! :D

so anyway, what's my point coming up with all these hairy information?

we girls spend so much time on hair on all other parts of our body, but frequently neglect one area which is equally important!

that area, my dears, is the hair on our toes!

pfft, why even bother taking such meticulous pains over the hair on all the rest of our body, when we leave this one in such poor disregard?

i was in the washroom the other day, waiting to enter one of the stalls. this girl walked in, quite pretty, slim, with nice hair and dressed quite well. she proceeded to stand next to me. i looked down at the floor, since i didn't wanna be rude and stare at her, and what did i see? 
overgrown, hairy, toes!

so girls, take note.


oh gosh i can't believe i'm have so much college work to push, and yet can still be here talking about such things. 

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