Friday, July 29, 2011


(that's italian for hello)

went shopping with chai chi yesterday. bought a couple of things. 

i saw this dress, which i really liked, but didn't get cos she said it wasn't all that great. but i like it! i think i should go back and get it. :) i would have preferred an emerald green, hot pink (like the dress hanging on the clothes bucket at the bottom of the picture), or turquoise one, but those colours weren't available.

charles and keith purse. 

this was on SALE ok i'm not rich (as many of you who follow my blog would know.) i was trying to decide between this and another one while purchasing it, and i was really torn between the both of them, but finally picked this one. however, when i came home i was looking at it again, and i think i prefer the other purse back at the store. it was more expensive, but only by 10 bucks, so i'm going to try do an exchange tomorrow. 

think they'll allow it? i hope so.

i tried looking around for information regarding charles and keith's exchange /  return policies, and read in an online forum that charles and keith do exchange their goods, even if you've bought it home and then changed your mind and wanted a different piece. however, the person who posted this was from a different country. so i'm just crossing my fingers and praying hard that they'll allow me to do the same.

maybelline lash stiletto mascara. 
it was on sale as well! Rm26 from watsons. :)


the ring i got at some shop in asian avenue for Rm10. this shop sells all their rings for Rm10, and they have a huge variety! i don't know the name of the said shop, but walk along the right row of shops from maybank, it's somewhere at the entrance.

as for the bracelet, well it's not really shopping-related. it was a gift from a friend. 

four years ago, this particular friend had feelings for me, and told me so. i however could never imagine him as more than a friend, and couldn't acknowledge this. i told him though, that i still treasured our friendship very much, and while i didn't think there was any possibility for us to ever be together, i wanted us to still be good friends. he was a great person, always very sensitive and concerned towards me, if i ever wanted anything, if i ever needed to talk about anything, he was my go-to guy. this went on for about two years.

at first, i appreciated having someone there for me, nevertheless, after some time, i started to think differently. he was too controlling, too dominating and exacting, my phone was always beeping with his messages every minute. once, i left my phone alone for 20 mins, then when i looked at it again, there was 7 messages and a missed call, he was demanding to know where i was and what i was doing. he would want to talk to me all the time, and i'd be like (in my head) "dude i have a life, other things to do besides entertain you all the time y'know..." 

well i got really annoyed at this, but kept things bottled up as i didn't want to hurt him and lose his friendship. after all, he still was a really good guy, and i had confided and gone through many things with him. but it really pushed my limits when, after numerous times of me telling him nicely how we could never be together because i didn't like him THAT way, he still would get all 'sticky' with me and stuff. i started avoiding him because i didn't want to deal with all the complications there were, plus i still hadn't gotten over my previous boyfriend.

the last straw came when he let out a secret i had shared with him. he didn't do it intentionally, but when i heard about it, that was the trigger that unleashed all those things i had tried to keep inside. i yelled at him, and told him to get lost and get out of my life. :/

we never spoke again. i regret that i had not brought things up earlier and had a heart-to-heart with him (about him being too protective and controlling and always wanting to talk to me,) as it could have perhaps saved our friendship. i'm not proud of myself, looking back, i know that i handled the situation poorly, tactlessly and rashly. 

however, things change. no, him and i haven't made up. after my blowup, he was still nice to me, attempting to patch things up, but i was always curt and cold to him. then, a year or two down the road, i tried to make amends for my childish behaviour, to smooth things over between us, tried to reach out and tell him i was sorry, and maybe we could go out for a drink, catch up again, like old times?

but now he won't have any of it, i believe that he has moved on. and so have i, more or less.

life, changes. things change.
people change.
 nothing, and no one, ever stays the same.

just like how you left behind your old stuffed toys and barbies at five, like how you leave behind cute hair ribbons at eight, like how you realize that you no longer find that particular brand of breakfast cereal as yummy as you used to, you drift away from some friends, you make new ones, and the world moves on. 

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