Sunday, July 24, 2011

450th POST

logged in to blogger, ready to blog, when i noticed that this marks my 450th post. it would be nice if this post were to be something deep and meaningful and profound to commemorate this (sorta) meaningful point that my blog has reached, but nahh. nothing particularly insightful or mindboggling to share.

so on sunday 17th of july, while everyone was busy cramming for finals, i was running along the hills of hartamas in a 6km charity run, even though i hadn't cracked open a single book, because i like living dangerously like that. 
*flashes peace sign*

the event, Jog for Hope, was organized by Taylors College.

you can read about my participation in the previous year here.
again, from my point of view, the event was a huge letdown. 

the same thing as last year happened, and they didn't have enough shirts. 

what the hell? in the months leading up to this event, they'd loudly proclaimed on their website "registration will be closed when we reach the maximum amount of participants", which means that they'd already KNOWN beforehand how many participants there were going to be. this (not having enough tshirts) already happened last year, and they should not have let it repeat itself! 

taylors college, you suck big time.


but mehh, i shall not waste my time talking about those which so proudly extol themselves as the epitome of "Wisdom, Integrity, Excellence", when they do not have sufficient IQ to plan ahead and organize such a simple event efficiently. 


i kept my pace up and steady throughout the run, and i wasn't very much surprised when i found the run this time round so much easier than last year's, as it's true that i've been running a lot more frequently nowadays. all through the run, i was thinking "steady, steady, you're doing good now but you don't wanna wear yourself out yet, gotta save your effort for the end!" 

so the whole way through i was just conserving my energy, humming a song in my head as i ran along. the weather was delightful, crisp and fresh with the cool morning mist still drifting about dreamily. the rays of the sun were muted and slight as the sun was still hiding behind the big puffy white clouds, just the ideal conditions for an amazing run! :)

then after what had seemed like only a short while into the run, i noticed all these people standing at the side of the road cheering, and i was like "is it already the end? gosh, RUN GIRL RUN!!"

sprinted the last 500m, but sadly did not make the top 5. 

very satisfied with my time though! for a 6km track that consisted of a lot of hills, i finished in 35minutes, roughly 10 minutes ahead of my time for last year.


after the run, iishan, yuen, erin and i went for makan, after which he sent erin and yuen to pjgh and then me back to church.

clockwise from top left - me, iishan, yuen, erin.

they were doing an 'angry face' pose but i didn't know, hence the smile while everyone pulls a scrooge.

yuen and erin.

erin and i. 
the colour in this picture looks funny.

us girls. 

when we reached pjgh we bumped into this adorable friendly dog outside.

iishan patting it.

yuen ; "who's a good boy?"

our attempts at camwhoring outside the church

i chopped iishan's head off in this photo.

he got revenge by chopping my face off here.

finally we managed to get a decent photo with all of us in.
look guys, i'm smiling with my teeth! 
usually i don't smile with my teeth because i think it makes me look like a horse *points below*


but for once, i think i look OK in my smiling-with-teeth picture above.
digression, hmph. 

a friend saw us having a hard time trying to take pictures by ourselves and kindly snapped the picture above.

visited the washroom to clean up a bit, erin and yuen came too. so what's a visit to the washroom without a camwhore shot?

we love you too 

wrapping up this post with a picture of my yummy healthy post-marathon meal

spinach for iron, cabbage for fibre, chicken breast for protein. 
yum yum! 

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