Thursday, June 16, 2011



i just have. 

something not even my family or best friend knows about, i have revealed to him intimately. something that might shake the foundations of my life as it is today.

it was a decision made in haste without much thought, on the spur of the moment. we were just talking about stuff, one topic led to another, then i slipped up and had to explain everything to him. i trust him, i really do. it's just that no one else knows about this, and i have chosen of my own accord to share this with him, someone who isn't even that big a part of my life.

his first words after i told him?

"wow, that is some story.
i never knew you had a history like that.
i really like the way you write though!"

moving on to a different topic, it seriously grates on my nerves how some people can use bullshit excuses to do the douchey things they do. 

there's this person i know, who's an only child and has two working parents. all day long, she whines and moans about how her parents don't love her because they don't spend enough time with her, they never talk to her except to scold her occasionally, blabla yaddayadda. 

she uses her family situation (if you can call it a 'situation') as an excuse to be a backstabbing, twofaced bitch and be mean to other people, then when people turn on her and call her on her own shit, she mopes to others and tells them

"i never meant to turn out this way. it's just that i'm so depressed about how things are at home..."
*trails off with tears rolling down her face*

oh please. you have parents who provide you with a roof over your head, clothes on your back, a bed to sleep in at night. they take you out for meals, to go shopping, they buy things for you, your mum cooks nutritious homemade meals for you and your father gives you an allowance, you guys go to movies / watch tv together. doesn't exactly sound like a recipe for disaster.

so they aren't perfect. so you sometimes get yelled at for things which weren't exactly your fault. so your mum lets off some steam because she's having a bad day. DEAL WITH IT. it happens to all of us. 

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