Friday, June 17, 2011


it's a beautiful saturday afternoon, and i'm here all pimped up in my sports attire ready to go to some inter-youth sports event at PJ! 

it's already 11.30am, and i'm supposed to be taking off in half an hour, but i shall still do what i came here to do, and blog.

you guys will be very pleased with this post because it's full of pictures. :)

went out with rachel after college yesterday. after much hmming and hawing about whether we should make it 1u, pyramid, or midvalley, we finally decided upon the latter. so midvalley it was.

rachel and i! yay!
haven't met up with her for so long!

the first thing we did upon reaching, was to shop!

camwhore picture of what i was wearing that day first. 

i like this dress from nichii! too bad it's too long.

walked around some more, cotton on was having a massive sale! tops, skirts, dresses as low as rm15! unbelievable!

rachel got herself a nice top, while i didn't see anything that i particularly liked. gosh can't believe i walked out of there empty handed.

our tummies were rumbling after we walked out of cotton on, so we headed to get some noms.

settled down at sushi zen.

my kani to tofu salad. rm9.80
not bad i suppose. i liked those dark green stringy things which are in the middle of the tofu. its texture's like jellyfish!

rachel's meal, of which i can't remember the name.
super worth it! that bowl of udon noodles and the chicken with salad on the side, all for only rm8.80!

green tea comes at rm1 (hot) or rm2.80 (iced) with unlimited refills.
funny, just add ice and they feel that it's justified to jack up the price almost three times more?

we had a good time sitting there leisurely enjoying our meal, chatting and laughing, updating each other about our lives. after our meal, we sat there for a good 2hours more making good on the free refills, talking some more. :)

sushi zen was conveniently located next to MBG fruits.

i snacked on papayas and apples from there. 
MBG fruits is da bomb yo. my mum loves buying fruits from here because they're so fresh and cheap! just the other day, we got 20 granny smith apples for the mere price of rm10! 

pretty paper lanterns.

this next picture is like, the highlight of this post. 

guess where we went next?



we went gaga over everything in the store, constantly squealing "hey omg look at this!", "gosh this is so cool, check this out!" etc etc.

look! what's that rachel's holding?

it's barbie basics!

*hits the roof*

more pictures from the barbie basics line

there's a ken barbie too.

sydney opera barbie 

at barbie store, parents can have the choice to pamper their kids with a full makeup + photoshoot session. the results are then printed out into a photobook.

one of the settings for pictures.

another one.

dresses for the little princesses to complete the look. 

we then went to studio R because we're health and fitness nuts like that :D

i love the top i'm wearing! it comes with an inner support so you don't have to wear a separate bra, and it's extremely breathable and comfy. the shorts aren't half bad either, they were from nike and were going at 30% off!

wanted so much to get those, but too bad my main money source i.e. the parents weren't with me then, cos even with the discounted rate, they were still pretty pricey. hence, i left empty handed AGAIN.

headed home and munched on two apples, some roast chicken breast, and a couple of iko oat cookies.

i love these!
but i should probably watch how many i eat, as they still have refined sugar and all those stuff.

it's now 11.57am, i only took 27mins to complete this whole post, not bad timing for such a long post!

heading off to PJ now, hope that today will be a fun, blog-worthy day as well! bye! :)

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